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Help Me out please

I Went to my doctor last week he told me I needed to quit smoking, I agreed I wanted to and he gave me Step 2 Package of the nicotine patches to help me I put one on last Monday and ended up taking it off bc I wasn't fully ready to quit smoking so I smoked one after 1 hour prior taken it off, after that I put one on Tuesday morning went until yesterday Wednesday the 27th. I was proud of myself but I'm going through the lot of stuff right now and quitting smoking is not gonna work at this time with every other thing going on.

How long does it take to get a patch fully out of my body in order to smoke again safely?

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Welcome future mechanic ... Good on ya for at least trying to quit.... My withdrawals were awful in the first month.....

I'm not sure about the patch because I went cold turkey....

Someone will be up soon to answer your question .... Hope to see you on site at a later date when you're ready to quit....

Arizona x


Thanks I actually regretted it after I smoked it but can't waste the pack now. Should of fault it harder


Hi future mechanic and welcome to the site😊

I'm assuming there's a health reason why the doc has told you to quit?

The thought of going on statins forever made me give up. I wasn't actually prepared mentally to give up but 22 months later here I am😊 I destroyed what was left in my pack and stuck on the patch 😊

There is never a good time to give up as there is always something going on in our lives and sometimes you just gotta take the plunge 😱 You can use other NRT like gum or inhalator with the patch to get you through difficult moments 😊

But remember that smoking is never going to help your situation, it actually makes you feel more anxious whilst at the same time pumping over 4000 toxins into your body (including formaldehyde)😱😕

Some people have made a quit plan (have a look at the pinned posts) listing pro's/con's to giving up... The pro's win it hands down😊 Have a read of Allen Carrs book which you can download free that might help you too

Let us know when your ready to quit and we will give you as much

support as we can

Good luck with your quit hun and remember NOPE.... Not One Puff Ever 😊🚭🚭🚭🚭

Ps: I don't know when the nicotine patch wears off but would assume that if it's a 16 hour patch then you would be able to smoke the next day??? But please don't take my word on it 🤔🙁

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Hi future mechanic and welcome to quit support.

Droppy has given you some excellent advice. I

You may need to take a long hard look at yourself and think about if you put off trying to quit until you sort out whatever it is going on in your life..there will be others things going on that will prevent you from trying :) :)

If your Doctor has told you you need to quit smoking - WELL- LISTEN TO HIM/HER..they do know what they are talking about .

No one can successfully quit smoking without having a strong determination to succeed..Is it easy - HELL NO - Is it worth it YES it is..

If its any help...i have always had self managed anxiety and never believed that i could ever quit smoking.

19 months later - cold turkey after 30 a day for 40 years...and...i now have a calmness that i never had as a smoker :)

do take a read of the pinned posts and really think hard about planning your quit journey. We have a great bunch of members who will support you every step of the way :) :)


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Hiya future and welcome to quit support😊

Unfortunately there's never a good time to quit but you have to really want to do it. Otherwise you're going to find excuses not to do it☹️

For your health, it's honestly the best thing you can do for yourself.

We are here to help you😊


Before I start e-cig i tried patch. 18mg which held for 24 hours you doctor gave 2 because you will addictive 2 patch .. patch help with the withdrawll but once you removed you are desppered(after 24 hours) so e-cig....


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