almost two weeks smoke free

My post name itnotme comes from me truly praying and telling God I could not make this journey, I put my faith and trust in him and know i had to start this journey, my friends had quit and i would say i am just too weak and i will never be able to stop smoking, But i can say i found this site, i post when the urge come and the positive feedback encourages me that i can do it. Just finish talking with a friend who ask if she could bring me anything of course she was testing me for if I wanted cigarettes, No!!! and let it be known that if anybody can not support you then you really don't need them. I am telling my sister n law she can quit and that I love her but no more smoking in my home. Washing and cleaning for finally that fresh breath of clean air, a product called odor ban works great with walls, clothes, floors etc. Thanks everybody feel the bond we share by conquering something that has been a hug elephant in our lives

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  • we are all in this together !!

    And always here to help!

    WTG you can do this !!!! Very proud of YOU

  • That's the spirit and "and let it be known that if anybody can not support you then you really don't need them", yes, that's for sure.

    You can do this, you ARE doing this.

    There will be tough times, sure, but you do not want to go back to having a foe for a friend and you are claiming your body back, and, while you're at it, you're claiming your walls and clothes too. :-)

  • Congratulations on making it through that crucial first week.. stay positive and be patient in the days ahead! I truly believe thast God indeed will provide the support we need when we ask for help doing those things which are in His will.

  • hi itnotme,

    I understand what you are saying. I quit after 40 years of smoking 30 a day, I never actually tried once to quit. I thought about it often but disregarded it pretty quickly purely because i did not believe i could do it. With always struggling with a very low self esteem and self managed anxiety, I was not prepared to put myself through further failures.

    WOOHOO!!!!!!! - I made it :) :) and so will you :) :)

    You are doing brillantly - keep up the great quit you have going :) :)

  • Thank you so much just the positive support goes so far in accomplishing this habit, I appreciate all the positive input, we all succeed when we stand united and support one another, I love this group, Everyday it gets better and better looking to the day I don't even think about it in the meantime, I will think what great support if I do need it. I have pledge to myself before I smoke I will come to my communities and get all the love and support to just say keep going!!!!!!

  • Yep we're always here for each other👬👬👫👬👫👬👫👬👫👬👫👬

  • Not only do you take back your life, but also your home.... I always smoked in my house but from the day I quit no one smokes in it. I have washed everything, redecorated some rooms but I now have my home back 😊

    It's good to have people that love you around to support you during your quit 😊

  • I luv that you're taking back control and a lovely clean home too, well done😊

  • Welcome itnotme💐

    I'm glad you asked God for strength and guidance..... He led you here 🙂

    I stumbled across this site while googling the 4000 chemicals in a cigarette so I guess he led me here as well and I am so thankful.......In 4 days , I get my 4 month badge.... I honestly didn't think I could quit but I have thanks to the information on withdrawal on this site and my great support friends..

    Not One Puff Ever!!!!

    Arizona xx

  • good for you man!! i'm only starting the journey myself and i know it's hard, but we all need to be in this together, i learned the hard way that we can do it, but not alone, here you have friends, and we will always be behind you!!

  • Hi itnotme welcome to site and congrats on one week free that's fantastic. Hope u r ok 😀

  • I am fine thank and i am still smoke free, also I am sleeping good, breathing good and the wheezing sounds are gone, I love it!!! of course I have my moments of craving but it just that moments and then they are gone, i know that with each time I don't give in makes the next time more bearable, Thank you all for the support, I am trying to build up what I have torn down for so many years,

  • Stay Strong and true to yourself

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