3rd week of not smoking!

I have been feeling fatigued and experiencing shortness of breath for last three weeks,

not to mention debilitating headache and confusion.

I keep telling myself, oh, this will pass, this will pass, but I wonder how long this will take?

I once quit for 7 years -- from 2000~2007 and ever since 2007 I've been trying to quit.

So I have 3 weeks!

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  • Hi PlatoSusan, a big warm welcome to our lovely quit support community :) and big CONGRATULATIONS on reaching your 3rd week smokefree :) :)

    Your symptoms are very normal in the early stages of quitting smoking :o and will gradually get easier for you, but we are all different :o if you are concerned about any of them, then a trip to your Doctors would perhaps put your mind at rest :)

    If you have a look to the right of your post, you will see ''Pinned Posts and Topics'' have a good look through them :) If you need any help, just you shout out and we will try to help you :) :)

    Susan, could you please let me know your quit date, then I can award you with a Winners badge and add you to the Wall of Winners :) :)

    There are quite a few members from the united States on here sooo hopefully you will get to meet them soon :) :)

    Hope to speak soon :)

    Pete :)

  • Thank you so much for your encouraging words, Monky. I did check into ER because I felt like an Incubus was sitting on top of my chest. I used to have dreams like this when I was in my twenties only wake up in the morning to find my cat sitting on my chest sleeping. I have an active imagination. Plus, I was trying to quit smoking even back then. I had EKG, blood, chest X-ray, and all the test were normal and the doctor said you are not dying just yet.

    My quit date is November 6, 2015.

    Thanks again.

  • I had/have similar symptoms. I'm week 6 quit, but that shortness of breath and heavy chest feeling is good old anxiety. It's scary, but you're fine. I'm happy you went to the ER to get checked out to rule out anything serious. I know anxiety feels serious and can be very frightening in the moment, but you'll be OK. Congrats on quitting smoking!!!! The weirdness and withdrawal symptoms do go away and are so worth it!!! Congrats!

  • Luvin your 6 weeks winners badge Heather, well done to you😊

  • Thank you so much!! I'm pretty proud and excited about it too!!

  • 3weeks? 3weeks? That's fantastic Susan way to go😊😊

    As our lovely monky has said, these symptoms are quite common, but they do pass 😊😊

    Keep this site nice and close and we will help you stay on track 😊😊

  • Thanks Droopy -- I hope to live through this and be done with being cranky, short-circuiting and irritated all the time. I think I am catching a cold now.

    I had a flue and pneumonia shot this fall so that does not guarantee against

    a common cold. Maybe this cold will break up the mucus and I will be able

    to have productive cough.

    Thanks again Droopy.

  • Ooooh it sounds like you got another nicotine withdrawal symptom 😕

    Colds are quite common whilst quitting 😕

    Can't comment on the cranky coz I'm always cranky 😊😊

  • Hiya Susan and welcome to quit support😊

    Congratulations on 3 weeks quit, awesome👍🏼

    As our lovely Monky has said, these symptoms are unfortunately common side effects of quitting😩 But the good news is they will pass👍🏼 so hang in there for better times ahead. Good luck🍀

  • Briarwood, thanks!

    You have 21 months? That is great.

    Hope I get there too.

  • And you will, one day at a time and you'll get to where ya want to be

  • Hi Susan and welcome aboard! Like all the above members have said -- you are experiencing some common symptoms. At three weeks these should be easing up -- so I might consult a doc if they are worrisome.

    Perhaps you can also tell us "how" you are quitting -- cold turkey, NRT's, meds?

    Congratulations on those 3 precious weeks -- many more! -- and more comfortable ones ahead, I pray!

  • Thank you Dunn. Congratulation on your 5 months!

    Ever since 2007, I've belonged to smoking cessation group, tried Chantix

    under doc's provision that I had to surrender because I react adversely to lot of medication, nicotine gum which pulled out tooth filling, so I had to

    dish out $800 dollars to re-fill( I never thought quitting smoking was

    such an ordeal), nicotine patch which burned through my skin and left

    burnt marks, and lozenges that i returned because at the end, you want to

    get rid of all the poison as soon as possible -- so I had to slow down.

    I did everything slowly to monitor triggers, well, I wasn't really that vigilant

    but noticed now much I missed it, worse then missing a person.

    I felt vey deprived of, at these moments.

    Thank you again.

  • Thanks for your reply; 'sounds like you are being very thoughtful about your "quit". ...and BTW, 'hope those symptoms are starting to lightern up!!!

    On a previous quit attempt I found that I was over-sensitive to, or literally nauseated by all forms of NRT ... but had some relief from bupropion (aka: wellbutrin) -- which, if started before you quit can ease some of the symptoms -- and is totally unrelated to champix/chantix.

    This time I went cold turkey -- as I wanted to be rid of nicotine ASAP!!! I agree with you that one needs to get rid of ALL THE POISON -- not just the smoke. A lot of people do not realize that nicotine - besides being the addictive component of smoking tobacco -- has historically been used by native (north & south) americans as an INSECTICIDE!

    PS: If you haven't already seen it, check out the pinned post named: "Friend or Foe?"

  • 800dollars for a tooth refill oh my God I would just go cold turkey my friend. Burns with patches your having a time of it but stick with it please xx

  • Hi Susan congratulations on 3 weeks quit that is a great achievement well done. Hopefully it will start getting easier 😇🍾👀🍸

  • Thanks Andrew-S, yes, I think it is getting easier now.

    I am eating more, more candies, chewing gum, nuts what have you.

    One of ex-smoker told me to exercise more, so I am fixing to take

    long walks every day for 45~60 minutes.

    Thank you for your support!

  • HI Susan and a warm welcome to quit support :) :)

    3 weeks is sensational :) :)

    Keep up the great quit :) :)


  • Thank you Glolin for your emoticon image and your kind words.

    Keep keeping' on!

    Thank you again.

  • Congrats👏PlatoSusan...... You sound like me when I was in my first month.... I couldn't believe I was sooo addicted physically...... I thought quitting was just about willpower to not light up... But I got really sick too..... The top of my mouth was raw ..... My teeth ached..... My muscles ached..... I kept having sweats..... Nausea..... I was SHOCKED to say the least but the people and info on this site reassured me that this too shall pass and it did for the most part except now it's about willpower.... We use on this site..... Nope Not One Puff.... EVER.... And I still miss those darn things but I keep my reason close why I quit ...... Stroke.....

    All the best in 2016☀️🌟

    Arizona xx

  • Hi PlatoSusan,


    I see you've been checked out by the Dr, which is great.

    3 weeks and you're doing great.

    Have you read Alen Carrs book. It's easy to download and is a quick read.

    Keep on taking a day at a time and it'll get easier


  • Congradulations !!

    Day after day you will start to feel better.

    In my personal journey, I experience discomfort in the first 6 weeks and disappeared completely after that.

    You've made a great decision to stop smoking! You're doing great

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