Champix - First tablet tomorrow morning!

Hello everybody, thank you for letting me join your lovely group.

I have smoked 30 cigarettes a day for over 40 years. I've always really enjoyed it but I think the time is right for me to give up. The lift at work wasn't working so I had to climb 2 flights of stairs ... seriously thought I was going to have to call for an ambulance I was so out of breath 🚑

Cigarettes are so expensive now too (I live in Australia) and I reckon I could go on 2 cruises next year with the money I save lol

I've tried to stop in the past with patches, chewing gum etc but always went back to it.

My doctor has recommended I go on Champix but I've read such horror stories about the side effects that I'm a bit scared to start the course. I intend to bite the bullet and take my first tablet tomorrow morning. Has anyone taken Champix and could give me some advice? I'm feeling scared but also excited that hopefully in a couple of weeks I'll be able to call myself a non-smoker 👍

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  • hi I used champix a few years ago and stopped for 4 months, but started again. they do help a lot as you carry on smoking when you start them and they eventually put you off smoking, I found after about a week I was lighting a fag having a couple puffs and throwing it away.

  • Hiya Tam, brilliant to see ya and your 7 month badge, congratulations on a great quit and hope you're keeping well👍🏼😊x

  • Hiya Audrey and a big warm welcome to quit support😊

    Congratulations on making the best decision for your health and wishing you good luck tomorrow🍀

    Champix has helped many members and I'm sure more will pop along later to tell you of their experiences😊

    One of our lovely admin lives in Australia and we're very lucky to have members from there as well🌏

    Here's to a healthier and wealthier future Audrey👍🏼😊x

  • I used it and I'm glad I did. Don't worry too much about side effects, really!

  • Hi Audrey and a big warm welcome to quit support...

    Well done on your decision to quit...

    You sound the same as me ..40 years of 30 a day :O scary when you look at it...I quit cold turkey so cant help you in terms if using champix.

    When you start your quit a quit smoking app to your phone... I quit almost 17 months and based on the prices then ( In Australia here too) i have saved just over $11,000 in that yes... you could go on two cruises with your savings.

    Right from day 1 i put away the money i was spending and am so glad i did as it is my constant reminder of just how far i have a come :) :)

    The support from our lovely members here is what got me through the tough times..Our wee mantra - NOPE - Not One Puff Ever tattooed in my head helped as well..

    You can do this...I found the cravings side of it very was all the other things as my body readjusted not have all the chemicals from smoking..

    Have a read around the site and especially the pinned posts to the right as there a wealth of information :) :)

    Keep us posted on how your doing and all the very best of luck - You Got this :) :)

  • Hey Audrey,

    Welcome to the group. I haven't used champix so I can't help you in that regard, but we're all here to support you.

    You're sure to save lots of money 😀 you're breathing and breathlessness on exertion will improve too.

    Good luck.... You can do this!


  • Thank you all so much for your encouragement. It's so good to know there are people who understand what I'm about to do and have done it themselves and come out the other side as non-smokers 😀

    I know this won't be easy but I'm going to give it my best shot. I'll keep you up to date! Thanks again 😎

  • As mentioned above, I used champix/chantix and I personally found it made my quit easier (not easy, but easier) than times before when I used NRT and/or cold turkey -- kind of took the edge off withdrawal. Some of the "horror stories" you hear -- like vivid dreams -- are, or can also be simply a reaction to nicotine withdrawal! As may be high anxiety, etc. Consult your GP (not the purveyors of horror stories) if you do have any worrisome or unacceptable side effects.

    All the Best ... and ....

    Let us know how you're doing!

  • Good luck. 

    Keep  your list of reasons  to quit with you at all times.

    Smell is an immediate  factor :-)

  • Thanks will do!!

  • Hi Audrey,

    Welcome and good luck. Have not used champix so unable to help there, I'm sure anything that helps u will be great for you tho so look forward to it X


  • Good evening Audrey34 :) and a big warm welcome to our lovely quit support community :) :)

    Audrey, Champix is an excellent form of NRT :) and please dont believe all you read :o there is no need to be scared, I assure you :)

    So first tablet tomorrow then, please eat something when you take it and all the tablets, cos otherwise you may feel a bit sickly :o even if its just a couple of biscuits, these will help :)

    Please, please finish the course, cos I got cocky and cut it short, yep you've guessed it, I was back smoking after a couple of weeks :o

    When I used it, I got to about the 10th day I think and I went from smoking 35 a day down to 9 :) soooo, then I knew the champix was doing its job and quit the next day :) :)

    Side affects - the first few days were the worst :o I had heartburn, I couldnt sleep, I was rather windy :D and had a job going to the toilet :o But, after those first few days, my body seemed to get used to them and all came good :) and then, I used to have a rite job getting up for work in the mornings :D :D

    Audrey, as you can see from your reply's, we have a fantastic quit family on here :) :) and we all try to help each other along on our quit journey's :) Please stay with us and we will help you as much as we can :) :)

    Take care now and hope to speak soon :)

    Pete :)

  • Hi Pete thanks so much for the info and encouragement 😀

    Just taken my 2nd tablet this morning. I smoked 6 cigarettes less yesterday and slept ok last night with no strange dreams!


  • Aup Audrey, thats great to hear that your cutting down already :) :) just let the Champix do its job and soon, you just wont want a ciggy at all :) When this happens, just let me know the date and I can add you to the Wall of Winners and sort you a Winners badge out :)

    Please stay close to us Audrey and let us know how your getting on :) and if you need any help what so ever, you just come a shouting gal and we will try to help you :)

    Good luck :)

    Pete :)

  • Thanks will do!!

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