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4th day of no smoking

hello friends,

today is the fourth day of no smoking. after smoking off and on for 20 years I decided to quit. I need to be around for my children and watching a friend suffer through cancer right now made my decision to quit a no brainier.

So far it has been easy but I've had to give up coffee and alcohol since those go great with smoking😀

I feel great so far, my skin looks brighter and the ease to breath is great. Not to mention I don't miss the stinky smell of cigarettes.

I hope it stays this easy but I assume it will become more challenging in the upcoming days, weeks and months.

I do feel like something is missing though.

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Hi CindiJean ! & Welcome to quit support! Congratulations on your wise decision and determination to stop smoking!!!

I am a relatively new member here, but I would say that if you are feeling "great" at day 4, then you can truly count you blessings! (Do I hear an amen?)

You may have heard that the first few days +++ can be particularly trying -- and usually are -- but withdrawal symptoms can & do vary a lot. Did you quit "cold turkey" or are you using some form of nicotine reduction therapy (patches, etc., etc.)???

Take a look at some of the pinned posts and stay tuned for some input from other, wiser members! All the Best! - WILL


Hi Will_c,

I quit cold turkey. I have done this many times before (each time I was expecting a child) and found it was the best way for me to quit. Being pregnant also made it very easy to quit.No weaning just stopping completely. I'm excited to have this support group to help me along. I hope a have to strength to keep it up since there's no other life to think about this time. All for me.

(and watching my kids grow up)



Cindi Jean, You are REALLY blessed to be doing so well at Day 4 of a cold turkey quit !!!!! and are also to be commended. Stay on your guard a day at a time and you can do this!!!!' After just 2 or 3 days the nicotine has left your body ... but it's going to take some time (weeks?+) for your brain to adjust to the stress of not getting it's nicotine fix! Meanwhile a lot of the physical benefits will fall into place!

Please take a look at the pinned post called "Quitting ... is a journey..." for some really good info and ideas.

If you've quit before (and many if not most of us have) then you already know some of the triggers -- and perhaps you can recall what made you "relapse" -- and sounds like you are already coming up with a plan.

YES DO IT FOR YOU -- you are worth it and much more! -Will


Hiya Cindi and a big warm welcome to quit support🤗

Congratulations on making the decision to quit and 4 days is a great achievement, so well done to you👍🏼

I see Will has given you some excellent advice and its great to hear you're doing so well and feeling the benefits of your quit😊

We all feel like we're missing something at the start so that's very normal but we are gaining far more. Have a read of Friend or Foe under pinned posts on the right and this will help you understand the reason. Good luck🍀😊x


Hi Cindi and welcome to quit support.

Well done on your decision to quit smoking for you this time👌👌👍👍

We have a wee mantra that many of us use NOPE - not one puffer ever.

All the very best of luck and we are here to support your journey☘ 🤑😄


Hi Cindi 👋

Welcome to the mad ( well some of us are 😂) quit support community 😃

You've been given great advice from Will, Glolin & Briar 👍👍

And I would like to add ‼️ you can do this‼️‼️ keep positive, keep strong ‼️‼️

Good luck & keep in touch we are here if you need to rant, laugh or cry 😊



Hi cindi ,welcome to the quit family. You made the best discussion to quit and you can do it , if u need help or just a chat we here , keep positive,don't stress , 💐💐💐💐💐


Hi ya Cindijean and a big warm welcome to our lovely friendly quit support community :) :)

I see you've met some of our lovely members already :) and they've given you some great advice :) By the sounds of it Cindi, you know what you want :) and thats to be smokefree :) :) soooo, lets keep you there eh :)

If you need any help what so ever, you come a shouting gal :) even if you just want a chat, cos it all helps us to get through :) Stay focused and positive and you will get their :)

Cindi, is your quit date 8th November :o if not, then could you please let me know :)

Pete :)

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Thank you all for your kind words and encouragement.

It's so nice to have such a positive group of people. Day 5 and not a puff :)

Have and of you had painful side effects from quitting? I've had severe stomach pain/cramping since I quit. was curious if it was part of quitting.


Hi cindijean,

I had trouble with my stomach too, very acidic and cramps😩😩

On the upside, it didn't last for too long.

I had smoked for 40 years so was always going suffer 😶😶 with a few symptoms of my body adjusting.

We really do have to be patient with ourselves 🌹🌷


Just loving your 1 week badge Cindie, massive congratulations to you👏🏼😊x


Congrats on 1 week smokefree Cindijean👏🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

The first week was hard for me. It was the BIG DECISION. Do I do it or don't I ????



Hi Cindijean,

Well done on your quit so far..... A week now!

Keep your guard up, the cravings can come from nowhere.

I know what you mean when you say you feel you're missing something. Most of our lives revolved entirely around smoking. All our routines were planned around having to smoke.

Now that's not the case, so you've got to get used to a new routine. One where you have more time, one where you're in control.

Think about what you're missing...... Being controlled completely, smelling bad, anxiety if you don't get to get a nicotine fix, yellow fingers, bad health, wasting your money. A habit which will almost definitely shorted and affect your quality of life.

I know exactly what you mean, and how you feel, but I for sure ain't missing anything about smoking now.

Keep going, you're a star! ✨💫😎


Great advice and so true @Quitterpaul.

Thanks 😀


Thanks for the support ! I made it 7 days

smoke free. Yea! Not as easy as I thought though. Tempted a couple times but didn't give in.😊


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