How come I seem to be really craving now instead of the beginning of my quit?

I don't get it, I have no desire to stink again but the last couple of days I feel really 'desperate'. Maybe 'anxious' is a better word. I have been feeling very empty since I quit but put that down to grief as I've recently lost Grandpa but RAHHHH!!! Feel like I could smoke 20 fags one after the other... How come I'm struggling more now than when I stopped?

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Hi rachel,

You are not alone with these thoughts...It is very common. You are being tested :D :D Stay strong..

you will find that most people still get days where for no reason, they crave for cigarettes months and even years after quitting.

Have you read the Allen Carr book Easy way to quit smoking - this book really does help get your head in the right place. Just google it, it is a free pdf download :)

You have come this far....Keep up the great quit you have going :) :)

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Hi Rachel, what you are feeling is perfectly normal. I like to think of it as the last throes of the life of Nic in your system. Go through the same techniques that got you this far and stay strong! You can do this 😁


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