Week 1 Day 3 (cont)

OMG this is a nightmare! Iis suckin on this inhaler like no tomorrow and my tongue hurts! My whole body aches and I haven't stopped eating! Infact there is now NO food left...my niece has just ordered chicken wings! Gonna go swimming with sis in the morning and then to the gym to get rid of the fee thousand calories I have eaten since Friday...gotta get a grip...might try the quick mist tomorrow....still strong though..will keep going...thanks to all for support 😃

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  • Hi oggy, the eating is excessive but at least you are doing excerise early on in your quit, I didn't and am struggling now to lose the weight I put on😞 stick with it though 😃😃

  • hi Oggy - eating is such a common response to quitting smoking and like droopy said, getting on top of it early with exercise will minimise any weight gain. its that hand mouth thing. try sipping on water or even suck hard boiled sweets as they will take a lot longer to get through :D :D

    you are are doing awesome :) :) hang in there :) :)

  • I hear you on the eating everything in sight thing! I now munch on extra bowls of cereal if I really need something, or have carrot sticks ready cut up.

    In the first few days of my quit, I had a short pencil stub which I wrapped in white paper and would hold in my hand like a cig, to keep that hand fooled into thinking it had a cig - the feeling of the paper was important. Felt silly, but it worked. I'd also pace outside and do some deep breathing, as if imitating the inhaling and exhaling of smoking. That sometimes worked too.

    You can do this, keep going!

  • Hi there, my mum quit with with raw carrots, I hit the mint sweeties but last week I ditched them too.

    Keep going. The first few weeks are testing but it gets easier. I think it was the cough that stopped me overeating but I don't advocate getting yourself an infection!

    Drink plenty of water and go outside and breathe!

    You are doing the right thing by keeping physically active.

    It's worth it! You are worth it!

    Keep going

  • Hello...... Way to go... Day 3👏

    I went through the body aches as well... My whole system felt out of whack......today is day 11 for me...... im feeling better but still anxious and I get very fatigued easily. I cannot believe I am so addicted to nicotine and all the poison in those bloody cigarettes...... Keep up the good work🍀

  • Aup Oggy, its great to see your on day 4 now :) :)

    Rite pal, the Inhalator, please try this :) dont just put in your gob and suck it like a fag :o What I want you to do, is, put it to your lips and pull the erm front end down, so that the piece you have in your lips points upwards to your upper gums :) then take short sucks at it :) soooo, the nicotine will enter your upper gums and last longer :)

    Quick mist mouth spray :o make sure you shake it before you use it, this is important :) it may give you hiccups :D :D ok, if it does, then try spraying it on the back of your hand and then lick it off :) orrrrr, spray a bit on the end of a clean finger !! preferably not the one you have just picked your nose with :o :D then gently dab it on your upper gum :) you will not get the hiccups then :) :)

    You stay strong and just remember NOPE, Not One Puff Ever :) :)

    Pete :)

  • Well done Oggy, enjoy your swim as its the best excercise ya can get and I see you've got lots of good advice already, keep on keeping on👍🏼😊x

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