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Hello everyone, my name is Paul and I'm new to this site. I thought I'd share my story with you. I'm 48 years old and I live in Queensland Australia.

I've smoked on and off (mainly on), since I was 18. I've had a few quits in the past (using nicotine patches), but always relapsed. the problem has always been that I haven't truly understood the nature of nicotine addiction, and have become complacent, thinking it is okay to have just one try. I failed after a 4 year quit and a 2 year quit for this reason in the past and still haven't understood what happened !

Last year I quit for 8 months and then fell for the same trap at Christmas time...... Boom, straight back to 25 cigarettes a day.

Anyway, this time my 8 year old daughter asked me if I'd quit for her birthday. 😢 what could I say?

So I quit cold turkey on 14 June 2015. No NRT, NOTHING. It's been tough but satisfying knowing that all the nicotine was out of my system in a couple of days and that this time I wasn't prolonging the withdrawal process with patches. I know they work very well for some people, but this time I knew I needed to view nicotine as the enemy, and cut it out completely.

I read Alen Carr's easy way to quit smoking and it really helped me to see smoking and addiction in a different light. I know I am missing nothing, and gaining everything. I also know that I can never try another cigarette. This was the lesson I wish I understood before when I quit.

I don't miss smoking at all.

Some stats.

I haven't smoked or used nicotine at all for 110 days, 5 hrs and 36 minutes

I have saved $1894

I haven't smoked 2755 cigarettes

I've avoided 19,285 mg of tar.

Good luck to all you quitters. If I can, so can you.


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  • Thanks Paul, right on the mark. I too had relapses after having "just one" -today I know it's an ADDICTION and not just a nasty habit. Like you, I try to stay nicotine-free, period.

    Keep up the good work and good attitude! -Will

  • Hi Paul and welcome 😀

    Well done on being smoke free 👍

    I too read Allen Carr and like you it made me see things differently.

    We have a mantra on here

    Not One Puff Ever,

    N. O. P. E ‼️‼️‼️

    You can do this, you've got a great attitude 👍👍


  • It's amazing how easy it can be to slip up but fantastic to know that you now understand your addiction and are really positive this time. I'm going to take your lesson with me and remember it if I ever get tempted by 'just one' cig. Thank you.

  • Hiya Paul and welcome to quit support😊

    Great post and thanks for sharing your quit journey. Your daughter must be very proud of you, well done😊x

  • Hiya Paul and welcome to Quit support,

    Sorry i missed your post at the time - I have been away enjoying a 3 day weekend :) :)

    I am loving your attitude and this time you certainly have got it right in terms of your understanding and attitude :) :)

    I bet your little girls is ever so proud of you :) :)

    Its great to see another member from Australia join. I am down in Victoria. We do have a few from Aussie here as well as other countries. The good thing about that is that there is generally someone about at most times of the day/night.

    Thank you so much for sharing your quit journey as this gives everyone inspiration to succeed :) :)

    Keep up the great quit you have going there

  • Thanks Glolin, I'm able to live life to the full now I'm not controlled by nicotine addiction. I couldn't really appreciate how much it influenced my choices, simple things like eating out with the family, visiting friends, going to the movies etc would be affected by my constant need to smoke or worry about when and where I,d get my next nicotine fix. It's so good to be free now.

    I did find the first few weeks difficult, but understanding that it wasn't 'smoking itself' that I was enjoying, but just the relief from withdrawal symptoms which was controlling my need to smoke, made it easier psychologically. Now it's easy.

  • Hi Paul your daughter will be very proud of you for doing what you have done

    I know only 2 well that cold turkey is hard but the best way to go

    Keep it up

    Well done xx

  • Oh boy I looooove the tar and cigarettes I am NOT missing... Well written!!!

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