Day 4----no cigarettes💃🏿

Hello to all who are desperate to quit smoking🌹 Well, day 4 today and I'm feeling tired and sort of dizzy. My pulse has gone from 78 to 62 but my blood pressure remains at 100/60 approximately. My sleep patterns have changed. I wake up during the night wide awake to find out it's only 3am and then I have to try and go back to sleep. I just don't feel good physically but mentally I am determined to get through these withdrawal symptoms. I guess I must be depressed and/or lethargic. However; I'm not irritable (yet) hahaha

Anyone of you that can relate to this type of withdrawal pleeeease send me a message and let me know how you are doing. Okay hang in there🙋

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  • I can seriously relate to this post o gave up on the 18th Sept, 9 days ago. And I can honestly say I crap. Headaches, lack of sleep, waking up, dizzy a lot of the, It's awful.

  • Maybe my body is just run down from abusing it with all the chemicals that they put in the cigarettes. I guess we're in detox🚬🚿

  • Hi Hippychick1, its lovely to see you :) and a big warm welcome to our lovely quit support site :) :)

    A great BIG well done to you for reaching your 9th day quit :) :) thats just flippin fantastic :)

    BUT, am sorry, all of your symptoms are the norm for this stage of your quit :o But, please, please be patient :) it will get easier for you :) please trust me :)

    I have your quit date down but, you dont say how you have quit :o as in, cold turkey or are you using any form of NRT to help you :o cos this all helps us to help you :)

    Hippy, if you have a look to your right, you will see Pinned Posts & Topics, have a look through them :) In the Pinned posts, there is a breathing exercise to help you to sleep :) and it is spot on with a bit of practice :) :)

    I hope to see you soon :) Pete :)

  • 'Should start easing up pretty soon! Try to hangeth in there one day at a time and you should start feeling better! It Will be worth it!!!! - WILL

  • Some fairly common symptoms of nicotine withdrawal ..b especially in the first few days! heck out some of the pinned posts including breathing exercises, etc. .. and hang in there one day at a time and it WILL get better! All the best WILL

  • Day 3 for me - feeling exactly the same as you - it sucks :( I guess it'll pass soon enough

  • Hi there;

    your body is return now free of nicotine, so restoring back to "normality".

    Smoking is far more detrimental to you than lack of sleep. Remember that all those symptoms are only in place because of the damage smoking has caused you in the past and you are now healing instead of in protection mode.

    Sleep pattern will eventually restore as will your health- you will have a natural supply of extra energy so use it - exercise like walking the dog ( or some-one elses, spring clean, garden etc., ) earlier in the day.

    If you wake early, don1t focus on what the time is and that you can`t sleep - or that will become a self fulfilled prophecy . Instead, keep your eyes closed, take a few really deep slow breathes; just relax down,one muscle group at a time, start at the head and work to toes gradually - once relaxed, imagine being somewhere relaxing and play this out. ....could be in a few months, enjoying that holiday you treat yourself to with all the ciggie money you are saving. go wild with your imagination.... This is self hypnotising yourself to be calm.

    The more you practise at this, the better you become.

    Realise that each day is a step nearer to success !

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