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So have visited the advice centre this morning and got a couple packs of inhalers and some quickmist in preparation for Stoptober. This is a big help as money is scarce at the moment and another example of excellent support in my quest to rid this ball and chain once and for all..thankyou to all who replied to my previous post with support....looking forward to October 1st...

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  • Hiya Oggy, I'm glad you got your inhalers etc and are all ready for your quit😊

    We will support you to rid yourself of the ball and chain and I'm really happy you are prepared for your quit journey, well done👍🏼😊x

  • Good luck for the 1st

  • Hi ya Oggy65, I'm sorry, but I think I must have mist you somehow :( sooooo, a big warm welcome to our quit support community :)

    Yes Oggy, you look forwards to the 1st of October, cos that will be when your new FREE life starts :) :) cos you wont have the flippin ciggies ruling you :) :)

    Now then, I see you have the inhalator and the quick mist mouth spray to help you :) these are both excellent forms of NRT and will help you when you need it :) :)

    The quit mist mouth spray takes a bit of getting used too :o but I tell you, it is well worth it :) Some of us get the hiccups when we use it :o soooo, if you do, then, Make sure you shake it up before using it :) and spray a bit on the back of your hand, then just lick it off :) orrrrrr, spray a bit on one of your finger tips, preferably a clean finger, that you havent just picked your nose with :o ( well ya never know eh ) :D :D Then just lightly dab it onto your upper gum, cos it will last longer :)

    Maybe try them out, so your ready for the BIG day :)

    Please Oggy, if you have any trouble or anything, just come on here and flippin shout out :) and we will try to help you :)

    Good luck :)

    Pete :)

  • Go for it!

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