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Hi everyone. I first joined in January 2014 quit for six weeks then fell of the wagon.

Today is my first day, got my Stoptober pack but decided I might as well Stoptember. Feeling determined today but as a smoker of 40 odd years who has quit a couple of times (or more) before I know that'll change. It's good to know this site is going to be here to help through the tougher times.

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Hiya Betty and welcome to quit support 😊

Well done for making the decision to quit and starting today. Don't think about your past trial runs and just take one day at a time. Stay determined and we are her to help you on your quit journey😊

Remember NOPE not one puff ever and you can do it, good luck🍀😊x

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Hi Betty and welcome to quit support :) :)

Good on you for making the decision to quit smoking and like briar said, forget the other attempts, see them as practice runs :) :)

We will be here to support and encourage you along your journey. Take a look around the site and read up in some of the info :) :)

All the very best of luck on your quit on your quit journey


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