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3 Weeks Non-Smoking !!

Gave up smoking 3 weeks ago today Cold Turkey as i didn`t want to have to wean myself off nicotine later on by using patches etc. So far so good despite the awful cravings first week and the insomnia. The times i most miss my cigs are first thing in the morning with my coffee and after each meal, but every day that passes without lighting up is such a bonus, and the money i would have spent each day has been saved by in a jar (to be donated to a chosen charity soon). The thing that made it all much easier to do, was the news 3 weeks ago that my dear mother in law had been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. Just wish i had been able to give up this horrible habit years ago!!!

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Hiya cazzy and welcome to quit support 😊

You have done really well to quit cold turkey for 3 weeks and especially under difficult circumstances. I'm very sorry to hear of your sad news. The fact you are donating to charity is fantastic. I think we all wish we had quit sooner but we can't change the past and you're doing an amazing job of your quit now. You've done the really hard part and I hope you're feeling very proud of your achievement👍🏼

Our motto is NOPE not one puff ever and this really does help. Lots of helpful information on this site, so have a good look around and if ya need anything just shout, good luck😊x

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Hi cazzy and a big warm welcome to quit support :) :)

Well done on your 3 weeks quit under some tough circumstances...You are so brave :)

Keep saving that money cazzy and treat yourself too as you have earned it :) :)

I am loving your commitment :) :)

Stay strong and if you have any questions or just want to chat...there is generally someone about :) :)

All the very best of luck on your quit journey

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