2 days and counting

Hey guys and girls!

New member here and stopped a 17 year smoking habit Sunday just gone...Recently gone through a divorce after finding my wife was seeing someone else

I actually think it was a good thing as its made me reassess my health and future and realised that stopping smoking was essential if Im to move on and become happy again whilst also becoming attractive to find a new partner

2 days smoke free now and never felt better....Got more confidence now and not having to worry about my bad breath and smelly hands lol

Love this community and really inspired by some of the stories on here! Hopefully I can get to that level in time :)

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  • Hi smokefreebee and welcome to quit support,

    Congratulations on making the decision to quit smoking, I am really loving your positive attitude :) :)

    Are you using any NRT or going cold turkey...IF you have any questions or need any help in anyway - we do have a great quit support group always ready to help :) :)

    I too love the not stinking like an ashtray - i never noticed it till i quit....boy..did i stink :D :D

  • Hiya smokefree and welcome to quit support 😊

    Great news that you've made this decision for a healthier future and it really is the best thing you can do, so well done👏🏼

    Keep seeing all the positives of your quit and the days will add up to weeks and before ya know it, people will be reading your success story too.

    Any problems just shout as there's always someone around to help. Our motto is NOPE not one puff ever and that really does work. So good luck, believe in yourself and you can do it😊x

  • Thanks for the positive words of support :) This is why I love forums like this, it really helps to get affirmation from others who have been through the same!

    Currently using a e-cig to help through the cravings but looking to reduce the nicotene on the next juice to low and then eventually to zero!

    Noticing the difference in the money Im saving now also, nearly £30 in 3 days, at this rate I can book a holiday in the next few weeks and finally not have to dread a long flight without smoking or puff up in one of those horrible smoking rooms!! :D

    On day 3 now and must say Im noticing a difference in my breathing and general mood!

    Gums are a bit sore but read on here that others are experiencing the same so guess I just got to ride it out and eat plenty of fresh fruit and veg!

  • you are doing brilliantly...just the knowledge that it does get easier and none of symptoms of recovery last too long...see it as a healing process :) :)

  • Hey smokefreebee GOOD ON YOU!!! What a fab mind set you have taken on board during what I'm sure was quite hard! Well done you my cap is tipped in yr direction! I'm going on 11 weeks ??? I think I'm now having to double check calendar!!!!! It was HELL for me to begin with (ask the others!!!) I was climbing invisible walls!!! But I can hand on heart say I am a different happier mind set now!! My son now says "wait up mum" instead of "hurry up siiiiighhhh yr soooooooo old and sllooooow!" It's a bloody miracle! Still have the odd argument with me Nic but my psyche is getting stronger and my life has changed for the better! :-) keep it up! Your in good supportive company on here I should know!!!! Xx

  • hiya jaglan...so good to see you are still doing a fantastic job :) :) I am so very proud of you for staying so strong..i certainly remember your early days......Good on you :) :)

  • So do I !!!! AGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

    Still not a walk in the park but 7/10 happy :-) x

  • Hiya Jaglan, it's brilliant to see you at 11 weeks now and heading towards your next badge👍🏼 be very proud of yourself and I'm so happy that you're getting stronger and feeling better😊 thanks for posting💐x

  • Hey briar! Not as relieved as me!!!!!!

    Oh, and those around me!! X

  • lol😂x

  • Hi Smokefreebee - A big welcome to quit support. :D

    Well Done on your decision to quit and congratulations on your day 3 achievement :D

    So glad to see you are feeling better already and wish you every success :D

  • Wow !! That's gr8 .. Wat a way to go...this is how u extract positives from the negativities... Hats off to u smokefreebee..

  • Thanks again for all the words of support, its really helped :) Im approaching the one week mark in a few hours and really proud of myself for making it so far without giving in once!

    Taking it one day at a time and the next target is to reach the one month mark!!

  • Hiya smokefree and congratulations on getting through your first week😊

    Great achievement and glad you're feeling proud coz we're all proud of you too, keep up the good work👍🏼😊x

  • Thank you so much, its kind words like this that are helping me get through this! I actually am thinking my divorce is a good thing if it means that I kick this habit and add years to my life :)

  • Every cloud has a silver lining😉

    Stay strong hun and yes your future will be healthier and it will all be worth it😊x

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