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Welcome! ...and keep coming back!

Wow! Great to see a lot of new folks -- new to this site, new to quittng smoking, or coming back for a fresh start!

Besides offering a sincere welcome (!), I want to say that this site has really helped me -- as we all help each other. Also, be sure to take a look at some of the pinned posts from the past - Very helpful!

Sooo... welcome, and keep coming back! -WILL

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Well said willc,

This is a very unique site offering support to everyone on their quit journey. If you fall off, we help pick you up again 😀😀

There have been some great friendships formed as well which truly does make our group pretty special 😀😀😀

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Hi Will, - Well Done on your quit and long may it continue :)

I'm still working on getting my mind in the right place lol

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Well said will and thanks for your encouragement, it's great to see you're doing so well, I'm delighted for you so keep up the good work😊x


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