Day 4 and its looking good

so day 4 and still fag free! Got to admit today has been a lot easier. £28 in my savings account, almost bought a packet of cigarettes tonight out of habit (I didn't even want one), luckily one of the girls in the shop knew I'd quit and asked me if I'm was sure I wanted them, bless her she saved me! Really feel like I'm going to do this 😁

2 Replies

  • Well done Michele - you are doing ever so well..

    It great you are putting the money away that you would have wasted on cigarettes and will be able to treat yourself 😀😀😀🌷🌷

  • Michele I nearly did the same in sainsburys and just managed to come to my senses😊😊 you are doing soooo well, do you know what your first treat to yourself is going to be yet 😃😃

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