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Day One Stop Smoking Advice!!

Yes yes. I know im still smoking blaah blahh blah.

Fact is Im not. I believe that EVERYTHING that was put on this good earth of ours was meant t be consumed and enjoyed. If you can enjoy one cigarette once every few days like a few of my friends astonishingly can - then thats awesome, but I cant with cigarettes - I can with cigars.

So instead I have an occasional cigar - I'm talking a really expensive $100 cohiba or a partagas... that even if I wanted to smoke one of those everyday I could at those costs!!!

But the point is too much of even a good thing is bad for you, I read an article this week about kale how it can cause serious damage if you consume to much of it...

So back to what I did to stop smoking - I focused on the addiction, the nicotine, where most say you need to slowly come off the nicotne I just quit cold turkey never looked bck and was the best things I have ever done and because I did not using any nicotine after day one there was no cluck no agression nothing!!!

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I always knew that vegetables were bad for you..... 😃😆 I never understood how some people can just smoke occasionally....how do they do that?? Good luck to you Simon in your quit 😆😆


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