Well its my time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

40 years a smoker and its over!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Awoke again this morning around 3am short of breath.

This feeling of not getting enough air is scary to say the least.

I am also over weight and a two pack a day smoker.

Like I said its my time.

In five minutes from now I will flush those nasty cigs down the toilet.

I found this site by accident this morning and got a good vibe and MOTIVATIONAL boost that confirmed ITS MY TIME


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  • Hi ya Huck, its lovely to meet you :) and a big warm welcome to our lovely quit support community :)

    Huck, you have made the best decision in your life and get them nasty cigs flushed down that toilet :)

    If you have a look to the right of your post, you will see PINNED POSTS, there are 3 great breathing exercises :) No 3 helps you to sleep, so I would suggest that you print it off and practice it, so when you go to bed, just sit on your bed and try it :)

    Also, a bit further down, you will see TOPICS, have a look through them, cos there's loads of info and help :) but saying that, if you cant find what your looking for, just give us a shout and we will try to help you :)

    Huck are you going to use any form of NRT to help you ? or are you going it cold turkey ? Good luck now :) and please stay with us and let us know how your getting on :)

    Pete :)

  • Thanks for the kind and helpful comments Pete

    Yes I am heading to the drug store to pic up some patches this morning.

  • Hi again Huck, I'm just wondering if your doctors or local chemist has a quit smoking cessation in place, cos then you can get 2 forms of NRT for the price of a prescription, which works out a lot cheaper :)

  • Hello Huck, Great news that you are going to flush away those cigs :-)

    45 years smoking a pack a day for me :-( but never again.

    Keep that determination going, and keep in touch, :-)

  • Thanks for the support and I look forward to one day being a 22Month Winner like you.

  • hiya Huck and welcome to quit support 😊

    You've made the best decision to quit so well done to you👍🏼

    It's your time to be a non smoker and I'm very happy for ya, any problems just shout coz there's always someone around to help. Remember our motto NOPE not one puff ever and you CAN do it, good luck😊x

  • I like the motto "NOPE"

    Thanx for the kind words

  • Well done huck, and welcome 😆😆

    Well those cigs are where they should be.....down in the sewer 😆

    I suggest you start putting your old cigs money away in a pot, give yourself a little treat to something nice to encourage you to remain a smoke free zone 😆

    As to the shortness of breath, I have that and am currently having tests..... maybe a visit to see your doctor would be a good thing especially as your now an ex smoker 😆

    Keep us close by and we can help you in your quit....Good luck hun 😆

  • Thanks so much Droopy

    My lil doggies name is Poopsie...giggles

  • Good for you proud of you xx

  • hiya huck and a big warm welcome to our quit family :) :)

    You have met some of the wonderful members who will be here to offer you support along the way :) :)

    All the very best of luck on your quit journey

  • Its day two and I just got out of bed and wow the urge to smoke was terrible but I went right to this site and read your comments.

    Thanx everyone.


  • DO IT.................. you have made one of the best choices of your life. Know that it will not be an easy road as it may seem to get worse before getting better, but it does get better. They people here on this site are most supportive. May God bless you and keep you strong,

  • Its day two and I just got out of bed and wow the urge to smoke was terrible but I went right to this site and read your comments.

    Thanx everyone.


  • Hiya huck, unfortunately the mornings can be tough at the start but you did great to overcome it, so well done👍🏼 I always came on here as well to distract me whenever i felt I'd cave in. I can promise you it will get easier and these feelings will pass. Remind yourself how well you're doing and keep close to us. You CAN do it, remember NOPE NOPE😊x

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