I can't belive it people you have made my dream of stopping smoking a reality and I feel great for it. I come on hear moaning all the time ... But not tonight I had job interview which I got and have training next week befor my official start in august. I'm sure god is happy with my quit and is helping me out with my dream job. Life is great smoke free and knowin I have all you to thank for your support xxxx cheers friends xxx

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  • Super fantastic! Awesome! Terrific! Congratulations! I wish for you continued smoke free living. Being able to be cig smoke free is pretty darn empowering. Remember, our truest wealth is our health. Not smoking is a great way to ensure we will be able to start the healing process of our abused bodies. Best of wishes to you one cleaner breath at a time!! Hugs and love to you!

  • wohoo!!!!! :) :) that's awesome toots :) :) .. Sounds like everything is falling into place beautifully for you :) :)

  • Congrats Toots, on getting that dream job. :-)

    Onwards and Upwards eh, xx :-)

  • 52 days is brilliant toots, so well done to you and soooo happy you've got your new job👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 BIG congratulations most definitely coming your way hun😊 very proud of ya👍🏻x

  • Congrats Toots, on getting that dream job best thing ever!!!!! :-0

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