Hey everyone Ive just joined so please be nice :) but thought Id introduce myself. Im Samantha and Ive quit smoking for 4 days now. I previous quit for a year and 1/2 and stupidly went back to it however I'm finally ready to tackle it again. Having done it once I know how to get there again even if it is a struggle but going to go by the nope mantra!

I found looking on the internet for other people quit stories really helpful and motivating. Any time I quit I found I had a really unusual shortness of breath feeling. Its almost as tho my lungs are stuck and I need to take a really big breath to stretch them out but my body isn't used to it. I googled it and found so many people were having similar symptoms so I didn't feel alone and went some way to figuring out what it might be. I did of course still head to the doctors who told me everything sounded fine. However as well as finding this sensation mildly irritating at times Im also embracing it as I think of it exactly as I described... So Im stretching out my lungs and the capacity is improving.

Wierdly though as everyone talks of coughing up gook... Ive never really had that on either attempt. Sure, I feel a little extra mucus at the back of my throat but nothing really significant, is anyone the same as me? I do drink a lot of green tea throughout the day so wondering if that's always been helping my cause but I hadn't considered the significance.

Ive also been building up on the C25K app and on week 5 so hoping to run 5k with in the next month or two. This, I guess, is my short term goal to stay off the cigs. If anyone is struggling with the sleep problems or depression as I did when I first quit I can't recommend the gym enough! I hope everyone stays smoke free as I certainly intend to this time for good. By writing this here... I'm holding myself accountable!!!

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  • Hiya Sam and a big warm welcome to quit support😊

    Congratulations on 4 days quit and also C25k which will really keep you motivated. You've done it before so you know you can do it. We're here to help any way we can. I agree with you about the gym, it's a great help. Green tea is a very good antioxidant and a friend of mine swears by it. You're gonna be sooo healthy and enjoy your running with extra lung capacity. You can do it, well done hun😊x

  • Hi Samantha and welcome to this lovely family of quitters 😃

    Well done in taking the quit step again, as you know you have been through this before so you know what to expect😃

    I too have not had a cough or bought up any gunk so not sure if this is a good or bad thing.... I too have shortness of breath but mine didn't actually start until month 5/6.... Am still having tests 😮

    Well done with the running.... hopefully you we not end up like me and looking like the back end of the number 73 bus...!!!!

    Good luck and stay strong we are all behind you 😃😃

  • A BIG hello to you tooo SamB007 :) plus a big warm welcome to our lovely friendly community :) :) and 4 days quit already too :) :)

    Sam, your symptoms are pretty normal :) soooo, dont go getting yourself into a frenzy eh :o :) :) Yes Sam, I found that exercise helped me toooo :) :) especially at the beginning of my quit :) :) But Sam, we are all made different :o soooo, it may take longer for some to clear their lungs than others :o

    Sam your doing ever so well :) :) but if you find you need help, then please dont hesitate and ask us :) :) cos thats what this community is all about, helping each other to quit the smokes and getting through them hard times :) :)

    Samantha, I will set your quit date as the 1st July 2015 :) if I'm wrong, please just feel free and flippin bash me gal, cos all the others doooo :o :D :D :D

    You take care now Sam and am hoping to hear more from you soon :) just you remember our Mantra, NOPE, Not One Puff Ever :) :)

    Pete :)

  • Hello Sam and a big warm welcome to our quit support family :) :)

    Well done on making the decision to quit smoking,:) :) You have done it before and you can do it again. This time lets look at ways of making sure you stay smokefree.

    Any exercise will help, as it is so good for the mind as well as the body :) :)

    All the very best of luck and we are here should you need help in any way :) :)

  • Hello Sam, I'm sending you good luck wishes for your new quick date.

    I didn't have any problems with coughing, or any gunk, just throat mucus, but I to had some shortness of breath still do occasionally, but I have suffered with ' Oesophagus ' problem, and this is known to cause that feeling of shortness of breath.

    Take Care, keep in touch, NOPE, x. :-)

  • I am new to this program also stopped smoking 6/25 and am short of breath as well, nice to know others have the same feeling... it's frightening isn't it? Nice to meet you and best wishes, I also want to start doing C25K for my son's illness and be ready by next May for his next fundraiser.

  • Hey! My quit was 22/6 so 2 weeks now. (Feels like forever!) but at the same time like the first day! I've had bleeding gums .. Nose bleeds... (Shhhh wind!) and all sorts of side effects. It just shows what crap we've been inhaling ! Good luck with yr quit and your c25 ... :-)))

  • Hi Jfarrelly82 a big warm welcome to our lovely quit support community :) and a great big well done to you for getting over that first week, cos I think thats the hardest part :o

    Yes, the shortness of breath is common in the early stages of quitting :( try drinking plenty of water and go for brisk walks to help your lungs clear themselves out eh :)

    I have your quit date so we can keep your Winners badge upto date :) am just wondering if you are using any form of NRT, cos we could perhaps help you with it :)

    Take care now and good luck :) Pete :)

  • Thanks for the warm welcome and support. So today is making it a week which is the farthest I've made for a long time. Sunday was a tough day which I think was mostly due to circumstance but I was so close to smoking but just had to keep reminding my self why I was doing it.

    A fundraiser for your son sounds like a great motivator to stay smoke free and running the c25k should help with any weight gain usually experienced.

    And yeh 1/7/15 was my quit date. New month and pay day so looking forward to see how much extra money I have come next month. Also decided to have a dry July too so that should help too.

    Anyways I'm sure to update you all again soon and stay strong. 😁

  • Well done Sam! You sound really positive which is lovely to read! Gives me inspiration to stop feeling as if the world has come to an end! Sunday was bad for me too, but had a good few hours yesterday and a couple today :-) so hope there is!!!

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