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day 6 and 7




This is sooooooo HARD.

But through the hellish day yesterday with my brain telling me to quit with the quitting I managed to drive down to the south coast an hour away with my beautiful son. As much as I was sooooo in my own head and black mood I managed to go crab hunting with him. Didn't even collapse in a big heap when we returned to the car to find the dreaded yellow sticky on the screen!!!!! Just stuck it back on the screen and went and bought fish and chips safe in the knowledge I couldn't get another ticket!

Today the morning was full of tears and misery and whys, but for the first time my son can remember, I sat eating a boiled egg and toast and cup of tea with him whilst we watched his charmed. Headed off for a walk round a national park when the sun came out. Today had a few smiles. But need to exorcise this bloody rock in my stomach..... its soooooo tiring! Its a mind thing.....having suffered depression some 9 years ago I know I am not that bad and I pray to god that I stay strong in my mental battle. WO a WEEK!

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FANTASTIC, YOU DID IT 1 week👍 I'm soooo proud of ya and I bet your Son was so happy having breakfast with you. Crab hunting sounds like fun, pity about the ticket😩 still you got to enjoy fish and chips, yummy. Write down all those good and positive things on a piece of paper and they outweigh the side effects. You really have had the toughest of weeks alright, but you're still here and you're doing flippin fantastic🎈🎉🎊 It will get better and that rock will shrink to a little pebble, so keep at it. Just wondering do you run or take any sort of excercise coz it would probably help, just a thought. Keep going and NOPE😉😊x


Well done on getting through your first week :) :) :)

As tough as it seems - you are doing brilliantly :) :)

Keep that NOPE mantra close and keep reminding yourself that you are stronger than any craving Mr Nic throws your way :) :)

Feel proud of yourself ...I knows I am very proud of you :) :)


Hey jaglan.......whoooflippinhooooo one week under your belt how fantastic is that 😃😃😃 breakfast with your son.... priceless..... crab hunting with your son,...... flipping fantastic.... yellow sticky on your windscreen.... flipping annoying ....Well two outta three ain't bad 😃😃

Remember just how well your doing and if you go out in the car again..... just remember NOPE.... Not One Parking (ticket) Ever..



you guys have made me giggle!!!!!! unbelievable!!!! you all deserve a round of applause

( if I had the emoticons you all seem to have I would have put a row of them :-))

Day 8 out of the way..... not easy but not the worst!!

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Jaglan if you use : and then ) you get a smiley face :)

: plus ( sad face :(

: plus 8 sunglasses f ace : 8

; plus ) winking face ;)

Monky had a whole list of them... am sure if you ask him hell tell you :D


Jaglan, stick with it, cos your doing ever soooooo well :) you really are :) :)

This is how smilies are made, this includes an I - pad erm I think !! Please leave a space between the smillies and your text

:) = : and ) but close together

:( = : and ( but close together

:D = : and D but close together

:P = : and P but close together

;) = ; and ) but close together

:| = : and | but close together

8-) = 8 and - and ) but close together

:X = : and X but close together

Also if you hover your mouse pointer over them, you can see how they are made


Ok the sunglasses one is obviously wrong.... :(


😃 😃😃struggled tonight 😡😭 😭😭 but tomorrow is day 9 😱 and its gonna be😎

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Day 9 and you'll be fine especially now you've got your emoticons😏👍🏼x

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