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day five omg!

not sure weather I'm meant to write post or tag on to replies, but anyway ill do both!

Your advice and support is so great!! Thank you...

Day FIVE!!! It's been HELL!! I wish I could blame my erratic eruptions on my female age but unfortunately went through that 10 yrs ago!! :-/

I'm finding I have a constant nag in my solar plexus . I burst in to tears at the drop of a hat. My patience has gone walkabout. I truly am finding this a journey of soul searching... The things I would let ride pre-quit, the running around to make others happy so as not to rock the boat have full on stared me in the face. I've explained how I'm not smoking and need space and time, but end up being thrown a guilt trip!!! I'm in shock... My young son begged me not to buy cigs yesterday so I didn't. I am going to read Alan Carr and the road less travelled again... My mind is so confused. Want to stop being sad but I guess I gotta roll with it for a while yet! I have smiled and felt free momentarily and I AM sleeping now :-) so that's good. Thanks for letting me rant!! It helps.. But sooo wanna punch this rock in my stomach!!! Today though has been better so I must be thankful.... I know this as I found myself cleaning the glass of the oven and the cupboard handles. My rock is still there/here with me but if I can ignore it for a while it goes away for a while....hopefully these little whiles will become longer and the visiting rock will sod off!!

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Hi Jaglan :) :)

I love your post and feeling your pain.

If its any help - I now have a calmness that i never had while i was smoker..It makes no sense to me at all.

As a smoker, every time i got anxious, angry, troubled mind etc the first thing to do was have a smoke because that was the answer to fix everything......What a crock of S***t, that was purely in our minds.

I remember those early days where i got very tearful whenever i got stressed etc.. Hang in there because it truly does get so much better :) :)


Ahhh jaglan, you are really going through it hun😮 this will pass I promise you and lovely that your son supports you too...... 😀😀

You are almost at your first week and we will all be willing you on towards it 😀😀😀

You can come on here and rant and rave as much as you like, this is your support group too and if it stops you from smoking then you continue to your hearts content 😀

You can post, tag on to someone else's post or reply to someone's post..... whatever you fancy 😀😀

Stay strong and keep the faith 😀😀


Hiya jaglan and you've got through another day, well done. It's ok to feel like punching your stomach, the time to really worry is when you feel like punching somebody😂

Although to be honest I felt like that a few times in the beginning as well. Just for the record, I didnt😱

You just keep ranting whenever ya feel like coz that's what we're here for and it does help to get it off your chest. Whatever it takes to keep you off the evil cigs is worth it. I just know there's a good day coming your way soon😊x


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