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Day 4

Well here I go again. I am trying to quit smoking for the third time in my life. Using the patch and it worked the last time so hopefully it will work again. Last time I quit for 4 years before somehow I started smoking again. I used to read the blogs online to get support and pass the time and it seemed to work! This time I figured I would join and actually start posting. Here's to day 4. :)

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I'm on Day 4 too after 25 years of being shackled to cigarettes and feeling pretty good about things. I've gone cold turkey and been ready to flip out over the last few days :) but Day 4 I feel great. Still have a few urges through the day but then think about my 3 year old son and remember the words that shocked me 'Papa go outside have cigarette' damm he knew cigarette before a whole host of words. No way I'm going back to that never mind the health reasons :) Hope you enjoy your new journey.

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Thank you!! Good for you going cold turkey I don't think I could do it. I have the urges now with the patch on can't imagine doing it without it! You must be very strong. Good Luck :)


Hiya rumbledbee and welcome to quit support😊

Well done on 4 days cold turkey and it's great to hear you're feeling good. You really are making the best decision for your health and future with your little Son👍🏼

You and forever are at the same stage, which is terrific as you will be able to help one another. Any problems, just shout or if you need a diversion it's great to read other people's stories to keep you going. Although I think a 3 year old is a very good distraction anyway😁 good luck😊x

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Hi RumbledBee and a warm welcome to quit support. Congratulations on your decision to quit smoking and having a little 3yr old will surely give you lots of reasons why not to start again :) :)

Have a read of some of the info under the topic headings as there is lots of info on what the common symptoms of quitting :) :) I found this very helpful when i quit as i thought all i would be in for was a tough time with cravings :D :D

The one great thing is that nothing lasted for too long :) :) and well worth the perseverance. I quit cold turkey after 40 years of 30 a day - - gosh...that sounds terrible..but i can turn back time...

All the very best of luck on your quit journey and just sing out if you need a help in any way :) :)


Hiya forever and welcome to quit support😊

Congrats on 4 days quit and glad you've posted coz it helps others as well👍🏼

There were definitely times I would have caved in if I didn't have this fabulous forum to support me. So well done to you and remember our mantra NOPE not one puff ever. It really does work😏 you know you can do it as you've succeeded before and its brilliant you've decided to try again. Just look at past attempts as a trial run and this is your time. it makes a huge difference to have good support, so here's to a healthier future and extra cash as well. Good luck😊x

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Hi Forever and a big warm welcome to quit support :) :)

Good on you for not giving up on quitting :) :)

This quit support family has truly helped so many of our members in quitting and remaining quit :) :)

One of the many great things is that we all understand the difficulties that quitting smoking can bring and I think that is what contributes to this forum being so successful :) :)

AND - The fact that we are pretty amazing :):)

All the very best on your quit journey


Keep going you doing brilliant , stay positive and beat it 💪💪💪💪💪💪


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