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Day 4

Sitting waiting for marsden hospital check up... Found a park... Yet again I'm struggling to hold back the tears... But at lest the pigeons don't care!!.., I look at the poor people who have a bad diagnosis and scold myself! I have lipomas not the big c... What right have I to feel sorry for myself.... It's like waves...it's like my mind is purposefully digging deep to make me sad so I'll give in! I'm NOT GOING TO!!!!! Just NEED TO FIND THAT SELF PITY SWITCH and turn it OFF!!! I promise I'll be positive soon x won't i??

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YES -Yes you will be positive again :) :)

Quitting is a roller coast of emotions and all we can do is just ride it out with the knowledge that it does and will get better :) :)


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Yes you will be positive and I don't blame you for feeling sorry for yourself as we all do at times. Sometimes others are worse but it often doesn't make our own suffering any less. We just have to dust ourselves down and stand up and take a deep breath. You can do it, yes you can😊x


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