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119 days without smoking and going on strong and problems that has arisen due to stopping

i gave up smoking because my husband frightened me and was took to hospital with a heartbeat of 147 bpm and pains in his chest , we found out he had enlarged lungs and told to give up smoking and that was a Saturday but by the Thursday morning both of us decided to give up smoking with NRT.

My other half started smoking when he was 9-10 year old and on 36 years later he was on NRT , he managed 104 days without one cigarette . it was very hard for him to admit defeat but now smokes between 5-10 cigarettes a day .

Meanwhile i am on my 119 days without a cigarette and i don't miss them one bit and i noticed how things are changing in my body , In the 119 days i had to have 6 teeth out due to severe tooth decay and i only knew this because i had toothache for 2 weeks (i have a dentist phobia) and i put on 2 stone in weight and due to this weight gain, my feet swell and i cant walk far without my legs and feet feel like they are going to break , the doctors think i got plantar fasciitis but the pain isn't always on the bottom of my foot , its the top of it and really painful toes and due to the swelling my skin feels like it going to burst open on my foot

but otherwise i feel better than i did

i want people to know giving up smoking is good for you in the long run but to get there it is hard and you may hit a few obstacles but again you think i did 119 days without a cigarette , i am sure i can do this .

has anyone got any advise for me

please reply



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Hi Gaynor

Well done on reaching 119 days smoke free, that is a fantastic effort and you should be feeling so very proud of yourself :) :)

Unfortunately what you have described are all common symptoms of quitting smoking. You sure have been dealt with more than your fair share :D :D

I really love your attitude in terms of how you see these as hurdles and with hurdles, they are made to get over :) :)

Keep up the fantastic quit you have going there :) :)


Hiya dappyduck and welcome to quit support😊

Congratulations on 119 days quit, a terrific achievement so well done to you. Thankyou for posting and telling us your story as it gives great hope to others who are also struggling. As you've said its a very difficult thing to do and things after get worse before they get better. You show great strength and courage and determination, a very special lady. Unfortunately smoking is the major cause of gum disease which loosens teeth and you've experienced that. Weight gain is another side effect as we tend to replace cigs with food. I can sympathise with your painful feet as it makes getting about so difficulties. I'm just wondering if you have had your feet checked out by the doctor as it may be something else they can help you with. There is always someone on here to help or just chat to which really makes a big difference to know. I wouldn't be here without the support of the lovely people on here. Thankyou again for your post and hope you feel better soon😊x



i have type 2 diabetes as well so my feet are constantly checked and i have naproxen for my feet and thank you for your advise


Hi Gaynor, Just to say Please stay strong, you are doing great with your quit :-)

Quitting smoking has got to be the best thing we can do for our senior years, I'm sure like me you hope to be a Healthy Older person and strive not to be a burden to anyone due to ill health, fingers crossed eh !! :-)

We must not give up giving up, x :-)


I quit smoking 5 months ago, I have only gained 10 lbs. I have Plantars fasciitis now. It is really hard because I keep thinking maybe I shouldn’t have quit smoking.


Hello Wilson, welcome to Quit Support and well done on being 5 months quit. From my understanding Plantar fasciitis is not related to stopping smoking or even smoking, so starting smoking again would not help and would you really want to spoil all your hard work. That would be such a pity, don't let your foot be the reason you start smoking again..this is Nic's way of reeling you back into ingesting poisons that will eventually kill you. xxx


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