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[APP] [FREE] SafeChoice

[APP] [FREE] SafeChoice

Hi community,

I created this app to help people quit drinking, smoking and illegal drugs. All of which are causing serious problems in the world right now. Let's work together to save lives by downloading, reviewing and sharing SafeChoice!

FREE app to save lives! Download SafeChoice.

Search for SafeChoice on PlayStore: play.google.com/store/apps/...

Ever wondered how much Life and Money you waste from cigarettes, alcohol, and illegal drugs?

SafeChoice is the #1 way to keep track of what substances you consume each day, and how they effect both your health and finances.

With cooperation from various charities not only can you discover more of the effects, but even speak to counsellors to ask questions and get support. All completely FREE!

Thank you!

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I am sorry if this is considered spam, but as a poor university student that just wants to make a difference in this world I have no idea how else to promote it. Thanks.


Hi SafeChoice. I'm Pete 1 of the administrators on this forum.

I have just had a quick look at this FREE app and have tried to download it, but it says, to PURCHASE SafeChoice, you need my e-mail address and a pass word !!

Hmmm, purchase !!!!! What does this mean if its free !!!!

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That's wrong. It is free.


Hi everybody :)

I've tried to access this above site but cant because I havnt got an Android phone :o soooo, I cannot say anything about it :o

I hope it is ok and it may help some of you :) BUT !! if you have any problems or are requested to purchase it, then please dont hesitate to let Emjay, Glolin, Jillygirl or myself know and we will put a stop to it straight away.

Thanking you all :)

Pete :)


Hey Everyone,

Just a quick message (I'll be on properly this evening!)

Chloe is just looking into this app so we'll let you know our thoughts as soon as we can 😳😄

We're both at a 2 day conference so will be bobbing in and out as we can 😳

Big positive vibes being sent!


Hey, when will you be able to confirm that my app is free etc...? Also would you be able to help me promote it on this website, if that's not too much trouble?

Thank you!


Hi ya again SafeChoice :)

I'm afraid its out of my hands now, but I will pm my superior to see what is happening :o

SC, I dont suppose you could make a PC friendly version of it could you :o cos then you could put it on here and all of our members could see it and give you feed back and perhaps ermmm, tweek it up :)

Just a thought SC :) and may I say thank you to you too :) for the time and trouble and kindness you have for putting this APP together to help people :) :)

Pete :)


Sure let me know.

If I wasn't starting full time work next month I would make a computer version sorry!

Thanks. Am trying hard to promote this everywhere I can before I start work. Not sure if you noticed, but the reviews I have got so far are amazing, so for sure this app is helping people.


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