Oh my god i must have been such a chilled out smoker for the past 3 days other motorists have literally NEARLY KILLED me .. today's Thursday was the worst ,, driving along a flyover that narrows to one lane and a taxi almost pushed me off the road and over a bridge AND SHOUTED AT ME FOR IT I NEARLY LOST THE PLOT AND SMASHED HIM OFF THE ROAD ,,,,UNTIL I remembered i have a dash cam. So now its in hands of police who have assured me HE WAS SO IN THE WRONG they are going to charge him with dangerous driving,,,,, my point is if I had smoked I would have prob let this slip no way would i have phoned police...Now i wonder how many other times smoking has made me complacent to things i should have done something about!! safe driving people and NOPE

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  • Hiya toots, so happy to hear you're ok after the incident today. Just goes to show that there're some very bad drivers out there👎

    Becoming smoke free can certainly have a very positive effect on many aspects of our lives, so well done to you for taking back control👍😊x

  • Hiya icky, woooo that was a lucky escape..... just remember 'not one pillock ever'.... 😆😆😆😆

  • Laughin out loud hear lol lol lol xx

  • No, no, Icky, you weren't any more chilled as a smoker. You would have reacted then too, but your "solution" would have been to light up. (What a great way to resolve a near death experience.......give yourself another one). This time you took a more positive step &, who knows, may one day save a life. I'm a bit of a closet road rager myself. If my self talk with other motorists were lethal, there would be a lot of carnage on the roads around here:-) I sometimes imagine to myself that the thoughtless act of of some retard who leaves me stranded at the lights, may have changed the space/time continuum & saved me from an accident further up the road. I know, I know, it's all crap, but all part of evolving into the new positive me.

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