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day 83 on NRT

today my penultimate day on NRT. On Friday i start my life nicotine free and smoke free , its been hard in places but i managed it . sometimes through the 12 weeks i had some stressful times but didn't back down or light up a ciggie i did feel like lighting one up on Monday just gone but i keep reminding myself "i come this far ""why should i give up "

its all about positive thinking and how you take a stressful day or something that's out of your control and not making it feel like you cant cope but you can take the situation and deal with a problem.

One step at a time

but remembering i can do this and if you cant work out your problems?

there is someone out there who can help.

i had a no smoking adviser and she helped me and also i gave up smoking with my partner and talked to him and i gave him encouragement as he gave me the same

i want to thank my adviser and my hubbie for the help

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Congratulations dappy duck on a terrific achievement, well done😃

you and your partner have really done a great job together and thankyou for sharing this with us👍

Continued success on your quit😃x

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Aup Dappy & hubby thats just fantastic news :) :) this is what its all about, helping each other to beat that mr nic and show him who's flippin BOSS around here eh :)

Good luck for Friday and am sending you lots of stay focused and strong vibes to help you and hubby get through :) :)

Take care now and please keep us posted :)


Hi dappyduck,

Congratulations on your 86 days of being smoke free :) :)

You certainly have a fantastic quit happening there and should be feeling very proud of yourself.

Well done to hubby as well :) :)

keep up the great quit :) :)

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Well done Dappy.

Please let us know how it goes. I personally want to know as I'm still on NRT after 4 months. I don't want to force myself and feel that now is not the right time to stop all together .

So do keep me posted on how it goes.

Bet you are feeling over the moon and proud.

Just stopping normal cigarettes is the one biggest thing you can do for your health ever



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