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Quit smoking a year ago this past January 20th. Only adverse reaction I have had is shortness of breath which still persists. Have no coughing, no wheezing, no pain, etc. Smoked for 45 years. Have not consulted doctor because thought this sob would eventually get better. I wonder if it is anxiety because as soon as I start to get up to walk somewhere I immediately start thinking about sob. I cannot seem to get it off my mind.Read less

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  • Hi Rose and welcome to Quit Support

    Congratulations on being smoke free for well over a year..that is a fantastic effort. By what you are saying and sounds quite likely that your SOB could be related to anxiety. For your own peace of mind, I would suggest seeing your GP.

    Getting out in the fresh air and going for a walk does wonders for the soul and it really does help destress :) :)

  • I think I -- no, I know, I have not gone to the doctor because I fear the worst possible outcome!

  • I can understand those feelings :) as would many other people who quit smoking after smoking for years. I am one of them. i quit after 40 years of 30 a day and at times, i really wonder what damage i have done.

    But i guess, i cant change that, but if i had any real health concerns i would rather know and get help so things didn't worsen :) :)

    We are funny creatures..the old...no news..is good news..

    :) :)

  • Will try to get up the courage next week. Thank you for the support! :-)

  • Hi Rose and welcome to quit support 😃

    Our lovely admin has given you great advice and I know that it's better to face these things rather than worry so please make an appointment because the stress will add to the situation. Our family have a saying.............don't panic till its time to panic. I'm sending you courage to make that appointment, it may not be your worst possible outcome and the longer you worry about it, the harder it becomes. Huge congrats on your 15 month quit, that took a lot of courage and strength to do, so I know you have what it takes to make that appointment...........you can do it and I'm thinking of you🙏x

  • Thank you so much and will let everyone know the outcome! Congrats to you as well on your 13 months! Did you go cold turkey as I did?

  • Errrr noooooooo not me I'm afraid. Hats off to you for a cold turkey quit, you're one very strong lady to do that👍 so I know you're strong enough to make that appointment👏x

  • With encouragement like yours how can I chicken out? Thank you!! Update later.

  • Hi Rose

    Well done on a year. Worry and anxiety can cause all sorts of real problems. Giving up was the best thing you could ever do.

    Its giving up that has made you more aware of your body. We are all pre-programmed to think the worse and that's what you are doing now.

    These thoughts become a constant in your life.

    At the end of the end of the day it could be something really minor that your anxiety is making worse. We all hate doctors! (not literally just the thought of going).

    A few years ago I felt I was going to faint and had pains in my chest. I was 43. Went on for months. Changed my diet etc. Even had to stop on the motorway and get my mum to fetch me who took me to hospital. Do you know what it was? Sleep deprivation! A&E said it was typical of shift workers, and that it was probably me waking several times in the night and not getting to a deep sleep state. I worried for months with real physical symptoms.

    Let us know how it goes, we will all be waiting.

    Don't worry be happy.



  • Thank you so much for your comments and words of encouragement! I think what I am experiencing are anxiety attacks that have gotten progressively worse, but you and the others are correct that it will be so much better to know for sure. Thank you again. 😏

  • Hi ya Rose a big warm welcome to our lovely helpful quit support community :) and loooooook at you gal, 15 months quit tooooo :) that deserves a bum wiggle dance and a big Whoooooopy Doooooooooo :) :)

    Rose I bow down to you gal for going cold turkey :) :) cos thats flippin hard :o

    I see you've had loads of fantastic advice already, from some of our lovely members on here :) and all I can do is repeat what they have said really, just nip and see your doc and that will put your mind to rest eh, cos perhaps all you need is an inhaler or something :)

    You take care now Rose and hope to speak soon gal :)

    Pete :)

  • Thank you! You have all been great!

  • Hi Rosie, well done hun 15 months is awsome :) Like you I have been struggling with my breathing (shortness of breath, not being able to take a lung full of air...) so went to docs but my fear was that it was COPD..... it's not but wish I had gone sooner.... yours may just be a bit of asthma or just your body taking a bit longer to clear out all the crap...!! Since I quit I haven't had a cough/wheezing/phlem either.... maybe we are just two people that take longer to get over our symptoms :)

    Let us know how you get on but definitely go and see the GP :)

  • Even though I am sorry you experienced the same problems, it is good to know I am not alone in this hell! Thank you for responding and I do plan a trip to the doc! Will let everyone know the outcome!

  • Ahhh that's why it pays to come on and see if anyone else has similar issues 😃

    Good luck at the docs 😃

  • I guess misery DOES love company! LOL!

  • Lol 😀😀😀

  • Hi Rose,

    Found your post in the middle of the night. I will post additional info later, when not on the 'not so Smart phone'. I could have written your post, except for the length of your quit. I Also have SOB, been 6+ weeks since I last smoked. Anxiety is a big issue and I can't stop thinking about it.

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