Day 42 no smoking on champix


Just curious I'm on day 42 of no smoking and im only taking 1/4 of the daily Champix dosage which I have been doing for 2 weeks but all of a sudden im so tired feel like I could sleep all day. I have small children and can't. Just wondering if I should stop taking the tablets if im only needing the 1/4 of a dose anyway?? Has anyone been there? I am meant to be on them for another 34 days.

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  • Hi Cherry and a big warm welcome to quit support :) :)

    Congratulations on quitting smoking :) :) it is the best possible thing you can do for your health and having two young children, what a great motivator :) :)

    I never used champix so i am not much help to you :( What I can tell you that there has been other members that have quit taking champix early and ended up smoking and requitting again.

    On saying that, if you are feeling terrible, it may just be part of your body healing from all this chemicals in cigarettes.

    It is very common to get cold/flu like symptoms when quitting, have a look under the topic headings as there is a wealth of info on what the common symptoms are.

    We have members who have quit using champix so hopefully they will be able to provide you with more support :) :)

    Can you tell me what your actual quit date was and i will add you to our wall of winners where you get rewarded with a badge against you name on quit milestones :) :)

    We do have a very friendly quit family here who will be here to offer you any support that you may need..

    Keep up the great quit and a little mantra we use around that tends to help many of us is NOPE Not One Puff Ever :) :)

    All the very best :) :)


  • Hi Linda thanks so much yeah it may be the chemical withdrawals and I read a post earlier about maybe I am just tired and usually I would have a smoke to push me through.. My date was the 23rd March I smoked for 5 years socially and 10 years (12-20 a day). definitely loving my new non smoker self I feel a better mum and better at work nothing holding me back like I felt before. Love the motto :) Kelly

  • Hi Kelly,

    I quit cold turkey after 40 years of smoking 30 a day..I expected to get cravings but had no idea about some of the other things that went with quitting. For me personally, i got the sore throat ( To be expected :O) acidic stomach and insomnia. These all came and left with none lasting any more than about 6 weeks. The one i struggled with was the lack of concentration. that lasted close to 6 months which was tough on me with my job. But now - A little over 10 months down the track..all is good.

    I believe if you have you head in the right place it makes the first few months so much easier and seeing yourself as a non smoker as opposed to quitting something helps..

    you are doing ever so well :) :)

  • Ah, I had that from the first time i tried to quit but it was because I secretly thought smoking was good. This time quitting I actually feel better and better each day. I wake up at 5 - 6 am thinking holly crap I gota ll this extra time to much about with now! Awesome!

    It's really just nerves making us goo all weird. Sore throat is a pretty big thing actually at d mo. got a cough coming on. But it's quite good really. It means my body still knows how to clean itself up.

    One thing I'd say is a good aid is excersizing until every muscule hurts. The endorphines are a totall stress killer. You just feel so chilled and nothing bothers you. I'm hurting all over but I feel great! I could never have pushed myself to those physical lengths as a smoker.

  • Welcome Cherry to our lovely quit family 😃

    It's hard when you have small children and feeling tired is a very normal side effect but this will pass. You're doing brilliant with your quit and your children will be sooo proud of you, well done 👍

    Hang in there and you will start to feel better and I think from what other members have said, that it's best to finish the course of Champix. Although I have no experience of Champix so I better leave that advice to someone else 😳

    Good luck with your quit and hope you're feeling better soon💐😃x

  • Hi Cherry, I gave up smoking about 7 years ago with the help of Champix. I knew I was going into hospital for an op and that is why I stopped smoking. I was a week or two away from finishing the course when I went into hospital and so stopped taking the tablets. Two to three months later I had a meltdown and starting smoking again. Have now become a non smoker with the help of NRT. 8 weeks now and I think I am doing fine (with the help of this site which I visit at least once a day!) Hope all goes well for you, but I would finish the course if I was you.

    Jan x

  • Aup Kelly, a big warm welcome to our lovely quit support community :) and a massive well done to you for reaching day 42 of your quit :) :) Thats ACE gal, just ACE :) :)

    Rite, down to the nitty gritty :o I took Champix a while ago now and it is excellent :) BUUUUT I got cocky and cut it short :o hence am now vaping on an e-cig and well on with my quit again :)

    So please, please, if you can, finish the course :) :)

    When I was taking the Champix, I just felt tired alllllllll the flippin time gal :D :D I used to have a rite job getting up for work in a morning :o :D :D Ermmmm, perhaps its cos you've now cut down to 1/4 of the dose and its your mind getting used to this drop :o if you see what I mean, cos although you have been on the smaller dose for 2 weeks, if you think back to when you first started taking it, it takes about 10 - 14 days to start working :) Soooo, hopefully your mind will get used to the smaller dose and you will get back to the norm again soon :) :)

    Your supposed to take the tabs when you eat a meal, but cos I work different shifts it was hard for me but found if I just ate a couple of digestive biccies, that stopped the sickly feeling :)

    Kelly, your doing ever soooooo well, please try to stick at it and hopefully things will get better for you :)

    Pete :)

  • Great quit Kelly..... can't help you with the champix. Sorry 😃

    Keep at it hun 😃

  • Thanks everyone x

  • I personally took nothing at all. Why would you take something that makes you feel ill? Come on! don't think that just because you don't have a pill or a replacement that you can't stop smoking.

    You can, you need to remove your desire to smoke. Listen to allen carr's audio book or something. Desire or the lack of it is really the key to becoming a non smoker again.

    Give me a shout if you want any help. x

  • I used them to and the advice is to continue with them for the full 12 weeks even if you quit smoking. Fatigue is one of the side effects which was a problem for me too due to me cutting out coffee because i always wanted a cig with it. Your energy levels should just settle but well done.


  • Hi Cherry, stick with it. I quit using champix and reading Allen Carr, I've been a happy non smoker for four months now and feel great for it. I had minor side effects (dry mouth, heartburn and disturbed sleep) but that all passed quickly. I've not taken the tablets for four weeks now, and feel strong enough to never go back to smoking. Good luck to you and everyone trying to stop (remember the hardest thing is to set a stop date!). Sandro x

  • Hi Sandro, a big warm welcome to you and an even bigger WELL DONE to you for reaching 4 months quit, I hope your felling very proud of yourself :) :)

    Yeah champix is great, When I took it, I just couldnt keep awake :o :D :D and I've read allen Carrs book, but it didnt seem to do much for me :o but it has helped a lot of our members :)

    Thankyou for sharing your experience with champix, cos this could help a lot of our members :) :) and please if you would let me know your quit date, then I can add you to the Wall of Winners and keep your Winners badge upto date :)

    Hope to speak soon, Pete :)

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