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Stop smoking????

Hi guys

I'm from the copd site. We are having a discussion about how people's breathing,

Many times gets worse after quitting smoking. I'm sure there are many members on this site. I myself am a want a be member of the quit site.Could I get some replies on how you felt when you quit? Any of you have copd?

I really appreciate your input on this topic.


Rubyxx 😊

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Hiya Ruby and welcome to quit support😃

I know that there are members who have quit and have copd but I think most of them had this already and needed to quit because of it. I'm not sure about being diagnosed after quitting, although it's possible. From what I have learned there is something in cig smoking that widens the airways so more smoke is absorbed to the lungs. I'm not a doctor but when quitting it can be more difficult initially. I'm sure other members will be along to tell you of their experiences, as I did not suffer with this. I do know that anyone suffering with this condition is strongly advised to quit smoking to give themselves the best possible chance. Ruby is the name of my Grandaughter and it really is a beautiful name😃 I'm sure lots of our members will be able to help you more. I'm one of the late night people on here but tomorrow you'll hopefully get some answers. Looking forward to this discussion, take care 😃😃xx


Hi Ruby,

Sorry, but i am not much help. I am 10 months quit and not had any changes in breathing.

Like Briarwood said, many of our members have quit as a result of being diagnosed with COPD.

I do hope others will join in on this conversation as i can how it has the potential to be beneficial for a lot of people :) :)


Hi Rubyred

I did receive a diagnosis of COPD after quitting. It is quite a long story so you might want to look up my past posts on this site and on the BLF site. I didn't have any trouble breathing but was X-Rayd as a part of a general going over after feeling unwell after quitting. I only have mild COPD and I don't need to take any medication for it. At first I was told I had fibrosis (which completely freaked me out). The one thing I can say is that after 9 months of quitting, my lung function test showed near normal results (my FEV1/FVC was 70% at the beginning and has gone up to 78%) I know the COPD is there because the CT scan confirmed it, but giving up has not only seemed to have halted the disease but has gradually and significantly improved my breathing. Looking forward to my annual test this year. Good luck.


Thanks Rozi

It seems quite a few of the people with copd got alot worse after quitting. Did your fev1 improve also? I want to quit but I'm seeing people with no trouble breathing going to severe copd after stopping. Thats scarey. Thats why I was hoping to get some input from this site. Do you feel better? How long did you smoke?

Rubyxx 😊


Yep, my FEV1 went from 85% to 94%. My guess is that you will have a bit of trouble adjusting (I did) after quitting but it does get better, believe me. smoking makes your body think it can breath while all the time it's just eating away more lung tissue. dont let the chemicals in cigs fool you into thinking you are breathing better. I feel great and I can now breath easy. I just regret not having done this years ago before there was any damage. The quit site is great to get over the first difficult few weeks - but I can't emphasise enough that the cravings DO pass. You can do this!

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Yes I have Copd . I am trying to quit.I feel like I am near suffocating sometimes and have achy lungs, only coughing up very small amounts of phlegm. Chills too. Feel like if I could cough up a bucket of stuff, I would be breathing freely. This stinks!


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