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e-cig free day 4

My last e-cig was Thursday evening (about 10:00). That was it, the end of the refills.

As discussed here: healthunlocked.com/quitsupp...

I was ready, i'd found that some of the sensation of withdrawals could be replaced by peppermint tea (I was used to menthol e-cigs) , and my mind was set.

I haven't had any nicotine since then, I'm on day 4 and starting to feel better.

Cravings haven't been as bad as previous times quitting (A friend suggested it's because there are many other chemicals in tobacco which are also addictive/add more of a cocktail to adjust from) .

I have wanted to have a puff, but it's not been too difficult, so far easier than I had thought (although life hasn't been stressful the past few days, I had a mostly chilled weekend).

My Fiancee has been super supportive and understanding.

I have been feeling angry, both phases of being very irritable and wanting to shout at people. But also when I've felt calm sometimes things will annoy me quickly in a way they wouldn't normally. My fiancee has had to accept me suddenly being angry about something which is trivial.

I have also been having nightmares and disturbances to my sleep, but not enough to cause any great problem.


So far, so good!

I have been feeling angry and had nightmares, but overall, so far, it's been easier than I thought it would be.

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Hiya David, congrats on ecig free 5 days you're doing terrific so keep going and keep us posted 😃 well done 😃 x


Thanks, day 5 is feeling easier (so far) than day 4.

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You are doing really well David - it sounds as though you have it under control too :-)

Well done to you :-)


Yes, I feel very strong. I have my fiancee to thank for her support and patience.

My trigger times (or when I feel like I want to smoke out of an instinct/habit) are watching a film/TV show on the sofa at home, when I'm on my way to work and when I'm leaving the office. I'm able to cope with these pretty well.

I know the hardest test for me is going to be going out drinking in a pub.


I have just seen a post from @monky on why my sleep is upside down and I'm getting nightmares. I knew that it was a symptom of quitting but now I have the science!



Wow I REALLY appreciate all the support from the group already. Some very good advice and I sure I will remember them all. My family is very important to me and I think what is even most embarrassing is my wife is a doctor and I should have known better with all the signs up in her office and everywhere through the medical facility. The important this though, I am on my eighth day and with you guys on my side I am not alone. Thank you again.


Welcome aboard Islandboy, if there is anything we can do to help please do give us a shout 👍😄

Congratulations on your journey so far, welcome into week 2 👍


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