Day 30 of being an ex smoker

I have never posted on anything in my life but suddenly feel the need to share!!

I have hated smoking for ages, almost felt embarrassed standing in the que to buy my cigs. 31 days ago, I woke up, had a smoke and decided then and there that I wanted to be a non smoker(smoked for twenty two years). I woke my husband up and told him this news (he has never smoked). He said that he was waiting for this day. Signed up on he 12 week programme with my pharmacy and started on the patches the following day. It has been the hardest thing I have ever done, I have felt lonely, depressed (not me at all), tearful and obsessed! These feelings started after the first two weeks. I feel I am now coming out of this stage and am feeling alot more positive but still a bit short tempered. Five days ago I decided not to put a patch on and am currently at day five without a patch. I think I wanted to test myself because after the 12 week programme you should be off the patches. Have put on half a stone in weight, was just eating for the sake of it. Feel that has now gone so working extra hard at the gym not lol.

I am also dreaming every night - very weird in deed.

I think the one big thing that is helping me get through each day is the fact that if I have ONE cig then I would have to start again and I just couldn't put myself or my family through that again.

Good luck to you all xx

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  • Huge CONGRATS from me on your 31 days quit. :-)

    Onwards and Upwards, with all your possativity. This is the best thing you will ever do for your health, and wealth too.

    Good Luck, and stay strong, :-)

  • Thank you. Still get weak moments but I know I won't give in to them now and that helps. Well done for 18 months! Can't wait to get there

  • Hiya Married and welcome to quit support 😃

    Congrats on making the best decision you can by quitting. It's a roller coaster of emotions as you have already found out but it will be worth it, honestly 😃

    You are doing fantastic and it gets easier when you have others who are going through this to support you. Most people put on a little weight so that's quite normal and the dreams are another side effect too. Day 5 without a patch wow, be very proud of your achievements. You really are doing very well 😃

  • Thank you so much, it really helps to get support from other people - interesting about the dreaming, I did not know that that was a side effect. Love your duckling picture lol

  • i had crazy dreams at the start of my quit and probably should call them nightmares 😩

    It passes though and things start to settle down so that's the good news for ya 😉

    If you go into your profile you'll be able to put up a picture too. I picked the duck coz it's better looking than me 😳

  • You do make me laugh!!

  • Hiya married..... whoooohoooo great quit you have got going on there...... Well done hun😃

    Like you I started with patches but stopped using them after 8weeks..... I kept forgetting to put one on so thought I would give it a try😃 the dreams, feeling blue, punches and just feeling downright miserable...were all side effects for me. I still have my moments but no where near as bad now.

    Am delighted for your husband too so keep at it and let us know how you are doing..... we are here to help 😃

  • So lovely to hear that other people are feeling what I am feeling. I will say that my husband has been wonderful but it has still been a very lonely journey. Well done you on 11 months!! What gets me through more than anything is to remember that if I ever had another cig I would at some point have to go through all this again - I never want to go through this again.

    But.... the bank balance is amazing!!!!

    Keep going

  • I have just come back from an amazing 3 week trip to Vietnam.... practically paid for by my not smoking.... :)

    Make sure you put some money to one side and give yourself a treat for your first amazing month and then maybe a little treat for hubby for being wonderful :o :) :)

    PS: it aint lonely no more - you have us :D :D :D

  • Aup Married a big warm welcome to our lovely quit support forum :) and a massive great big well done to you for getting through to 31 days quit :) :)

    Ermmmm, if you dont mind me asking you :o was your quit date around the 6th Feb 2015 :o then I can add you to the Wall of Winners and keep your Winners badge up to date :)

    As for your weird dreams, this is not uncommon and I will go and find an old post that our lovely Emjay posted a while ago, this just may help you to understand why you get them :)

    You hold your head up high and be proud of yourself :) cos am sooooo proud of ya gal :)

    Pete :)

  • Hiya,

    My first day as a ex smoker was Saturday 7th Feb.

    OMG so overwhelmed by all the support!!!

    Thank you Pete

  • Thank you Married, I have got your quit date logged in :)

    Yep, there's loads of support on here from our lovely members, cos we know how hard it is and know exactly what your going through too :o Sooooo, please if you need any help, just you shout out and we will be with you :)

    Ace gal, just Ace :) :)

  • Hi married and welcome to Quit support :) :)

    The others have given you some great advice :) :)

    You are right, it is great meeting people that understand what you are going through and that is one of the many fantastic things about this forum :) :)

    When I quit, I calculated exactly what i was spending on cigarettes and got that money re-directed to another account. It was quite amazing when i seen what I was actually spending, but now, 8 and 1/2 months later, i am almost at $6,000 that I have not spent on cigarettes.

    Enjoy the wonderful members here as we all will help in any which way we can :) :) and all the very best on your quit journey

  • You are thinking and doing all the right things.

    Focus on learning to just allow those cravings to dissipate. What is really just minutes seems like more than just minutes.

    NTAP never take another puff

    I have been practicing breathing meditations when the craving hits.

    Leave the nicotine behind. It only takes three days to leave the little monster behind.

    The big thought monster is the one we fight as we have burned the reward and bordom habit of smoking into our brains and just like breaking up with someone we have to get over them or it in this case.

    And everyonce and a while a old girl friend pops into my head and I assume a cig thought will as well.

    Just pat yourself on the back when you have those thoughts that you are a non smoker.

    And when you see smokers don't wish you had one just pity them for still being hooked.

    Peace and Love

  • Hi Married2310 and welcome to Quit Support, you've most definitely come to the right place for all the help and support you may need :-)

    Congratulations on making one of the best decisions for your health! Continue to do as you are doing already and stick with it - you'll come through the other side of this crazy roller-coaster trip - sometimes it can be a bit hairy :/ but lots of times it can be fun :D :D - However it is, it's always interesting :D :D

    Lots of advice and support already, all that I will add is that if you are really struggling, let us know and please don't think that going back to using NRT is a bad thing - we would rather you use something than struggle ;-)

    Practising breathing exercises will help you through any tricky moments and as you use gautama5's affirmations, try breathing in and out slowly :-)

    Stay positive and remember that you can do this :-)

  • Wish now I had not had that roll up,why did I give in to the craving,when I should have just popped a polo mint in my mouth.!!!

    Going down my greenhouse,to get away from the nicademons in my draw,have some potting on to do.

    I hate this smoking,wish I was free of it.

    I'm having horrid dreams also,and feeling quite irritable.

    Hubby says he had same reactions when he stopped.

    I have got to be strong,I can do this,cause now I want to be free of the evil toxins in my body.

  • Hi ginger23, You've had a set back, that's all. Keep going, the cravings will last 4 minutes max. Imagine a big wave washing over you again and again whilst you have the craving, also breathe deeply. The dreams will last for two to three weeks max. You are strong, very strong. Keep going you will get there.

    I am now on day 38 and without patches for a good 8 days now. Still have my moments and I have now started to visualise what a cig would taste like. It tastes disgusting and I start to choke as I smoke it, I imagine it tastes of vomit and poo!!! My craving soon stops lol

  • Thanks Married,I will take on board all the points you have made,thank you.

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