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I wish I could laugh without coughing. Take a deep breathe without coughing. Lie down without coughing. Do ANYTHING without coughing. I coughed so much less when I was still smoking that it makes it nearly impossible to stay away from them. I just want to pick up a pack and smoke the whole darn thing to stop the coughing. I could work out before. I could joke with my wife and kids and laugh before. I could talk to people for hours before. Now I can't do much. I can still function and force myself to do what needs to be done, but it's uncomfortable. I have to relearn to do everything. I even have to relearn how to wake up and go to sleep. Cough drops/syrup don't work as it's in my small airways. The constant congestion is irritating beyond belief not only for myself, but for anyone I attempt to hold a conversation with. I understand everyone that has successfully quit has had to endure these hardships, but it doesn't make it easier for me. Yes, it gives me hope, but it doesn't make it go away. It feels good to let all of these thoughts out. They circulate and build in my head over and over and it is almost unbearable. I don't want this, but I don't want to risk a more severe illness just for immediate relief. I'm tired... I'm exhausted... It's only been a few weeks, but feels like I have been running for 3 months. I don't mean breathlessness or a tight chest, I simply mean the exhaustion. This wears on you like nothing else. It is a constant battle for me from the time I wake to when I go to sleep. It's not a craving as much as it's a desire for relief. Yes, I get cravings ever 45-75 minutes, but those are easy to deal with when held side by side to the coughing. I'm done for now, just needed all that out of my head. Sorry for the long rant ?.

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You can rant as much as you like on here, nobody minds coz we all know how tough it is and I know where your coming from but if you can just manage to hang on for another while. Did you quit cold turkey or are you using nicotine replacement. You're worn out and things become much more difficult when we're tired. There are a lot of people on here who can help you and you'll get replies later on as here in the uk it's nearly 5 pm. Please stay with us and give us a chance to help you. You are young and your bodies ability to heal is amazing. I'm so sorry to hear how bad you feel and I'm sure other members will be along shortly to give you lots of good advice. Sending you strength to keep you going in the meantime :) :) x


Yes, I quit cold turkey. Thank you again for this. First time I have reached out to others in a similar situation.


Well I'm glad you did and a cold turkey quit is very hard and a massive congratulations for that. Lots of our members quit cold turkey and they will be able to help you honestly. It's such a hard thing to do by yourself and you deserve credit for that but it's much easier to do this with help and support. Most of us would agree that we wouldn't be here without the help of this wonderful group :) :) x

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Hi walk by faith and welcome to quit support.

You come and rant as often as you need too. Well done on your 3 week quit :) :) Sadly coughing is one of the symptoms of your body healing from smoking for many people. I quit cold turkey too and thankfully have not had the cough :) we all tend to experience different things as part of quitting. From what i have seen, none of the symptoms tend to last much longer than around 4 to 6 weeks. Have a read of some of the information under the topic heading as it tells you what people can expect from quitting.

I never had the cough, but had the throat that was on absolute fire for a month. I took sore throat lozenges which certainly eased it, so maybe a cough medicine may help with your coughing. For your own peace of of mind a trip to your GP may be a good option too.

I do wish you all the very best and please hang in there as it DOES get better and it is worth it. I smoked 30 a day for 40 years and quit 7 months ago. Those early weeks were physically tough and i am so glad i stuck with it.



Hi walk by faith, welcome to quit support. Its not easy when you first quit, but it does sound like your lungs are getting rid of all the poisons you have collected. If you look on the catergories to the right of this page go into hints and tips. Lots of information from coughing breathing and what to expect.

Stay strong it really is worth it. :) xx


Thank you all for these words and info. It means a lot to have others that have won the fight to talk to.


Hi Walk by Faith, welcome to Quit Support :-)

It sounds that you are going through a pretty hard time at the moment with all this cough, cough, coughing :o

It really is very likely that it is all part of the process of quitting smoking. Many folks experience this during the early stages of stopping. Although it sounds crazy, see it as a positive sign of recovery :-)

Your body really is trying to repair and itself, which it probably has tried doing a number of times - unfortunately due to you continuing to smoke and covering your body's little filtering system (that includes the hair like structure called Cilia) with lots of gunk such as tar etc these little fellas haven't been able to get up and do the job that they are supposed to :o

However, if you are becoming quite anxious about it why not book yourself an appointment to see your GP and let him / her know that you have recently quit smoking. This will give you an opportunity to boast your achievement, give your Dr a chance to update your records but most of all it will put your mind at ease ;-)

You have had a lot of great advice already and will hopefully know that we are all behind you 100% :-)

Stay strong and soon you'll be looking back at this post and smiling before you know it :-)


I went threw alot of different withdrawls myself..Keep up the faith my dr told me mucinex helps also take viramin c and d for withdrawls...Chew gum that helps...I am 6 months free will never go back ..It helped when i read on this site to stay away and not go back....My pulmonary test was borderline pulmonary issues....But they say it will get back to normal if i stay away from it all...ITS SCARY...Try vicks on chest and exercise it will get it up....,,Drink water water....Good luck my friend...Dont give up.....,


Thanks for sharing these hints and tips mdelsan2 I'm sure they'll help many of our members going through this :-)

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