Is it that easy?

Hello all, i quit smoking just a couple of weeks ago, I used to smoke around 15 a day at very specific times for 13 years. Smoking was mostly just a part of my daily routine. Anyway after sitting down and calculating how much I was spending (£170 per month) on cigarettes I decided to quit, for some reason I suffered with almost no withdrawal symptoms whatsoever and very few minor cravings. So I'm here to share my method. A few weeks back after I calculated my monthly expenditure on cigarettes, I set myself a date, this date was for the following Monday, last cigarette on the Sunday night. I spent a little under a week preparing myself for a month of hell, and convincing myself how much of a disgusting habit smoking was, I then proceeded to tell every person I know that I was quitting to pile on a little subconscious pressure. On the weekend of the quit quit, I cleaned my house top to bottom, fumigated my furniture, clothing and car and removed anything to do with smoking from my life. I also stocked up on corsadyl and chewing gum along with lollipops and sweets, I also decided to replace smoking with drinking tea, I enjoyed tea but never drank it, always opting for coffee instead. I also wrote a 1 month plan i varying degrees of detail explaining my quitting methods and how I intend to get through each day. Anyway, basically I made a big psychological investment, and fully convinced myself to quit. You could say I spent a week brainwashing my subconscious..

So a week in and here's what I've discovered, for the most part, quitting smoking is about breaking the habit, the addiction to nicotine is negligible, its easy enough to kick. But the habitual actions of smoking are the hard part. For instance on the second day, on leaving work my hand went straight into my pocket looking for my cigarettes and part of my brain had a little moment of panic, this was easy to quash and in a few moments i was laughing at the stupidity of the human brain :)

Anyway, if you want to live a smoke free life. And you want to save those thousands of pounds per year, it's only yourself you have to convince...

Good luck

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  • So pleased it worked for you. Thanks for sharing your post with us all. :)

  • hey Nickg84 well done to you :) You sound like you have it sussed and your doing fantastically well :) You are obviously well organised and that has worked for you.... Thanks for sharing this as this method may help someone else to quit :D

    Just be on your guard though coz that mr nic can come and take a chunk out of your bum.... :O :P

    Let Jillygirl or monky know your quit date and you get a nice shiny bit of bling :)

  • Hiya Nick and welcome to quit support and congratulations on convincing yourself to quit and thanks for sharing with us :)

    As Droopy has said just be on your guard against mr nic and wishing you continued success :) x

  • Hi Nick and welcome to quit support. well done on getting through the first couple of weeks as a non smoker and thanks so much for sharing your story. You prepared well and got your head in the right space. I did the same when i quit but as the others have said, keep your guard up as when you least expect it, Mr Nic comes and pays a visit. Read some of the info under the topics headings to prepare yourself as your body adjusts. I thought overcoming cravings was all i would have to do, did i learn a few things :) :)

    Keep up the great quit :) :)

  • Aup Nick, a big warm welcome to this lovely quit support forum and a big well done to you for getting through the first couple of weeks :) Go for it pal while the going is good, but please be aware, cos that flippin mr nic can strike at anytime, hard and fast :o so please be aware :) Just wondering if you have read Allen Carrs book :o

    Nick, you had a great plan from the start and this is what its all about, we have to plan our quit, so when something happens out of the ordinary, we are prepared for it :)

    Thankyou so much Nick for sharing your quit journey with us and try to keep focused and positive on your quit, cos your doing so so well :)

    If you have any questions or need any help, you just shout out and somebody will come to help you :)

    See's ya soon, Pete :)

  • Thank you all for your positive encouragement, my quit date was the 19th of Januar. regarding Mr nic, I think it's just a case of quashing thoughts of him before they appear and changing your thought patterns and mental associations. For instance, now, when I see an ashtray I don't imagine the taste of nicotine, i simply remember the stink of ash. When I see someone smoking I don't imagine for a second that it's in any way pleasant, i pitty them for being chained to a chemical and psychological addiction which controls their health, their wallet and their freedom. now I cannot imagine a world or scenario where I would smoke. There have been a few moments where I have been weak and thought "one couldn't hurt" but it's just a case of correcting yourself and reminding yourself that an addiction only needs one to start.

  • you have a great attitude Nick, and should do really well as remaining a non smoker :) :)

  • Hi Nickg84,

    welcome to our Quit Support family :-) A place where you can take as much or as little support as you like and have a good laugh and natter along the way :-)

    Well done to you for coming so far - Those that plan, prepare and put into practise are the ones who are most likely to succeed at this stopping smoking malarkey... and that is exactly what you have done :-)

    Keep up the great efforts and attitude and you'll be smiling all the way.

    Remembering the NOPE rule;





    :D :D

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