Been smoke free for 3 days

Been smoke free for 3 days

I decided to quit smoking as over Christmas and new year I had a bad chest infection and still have phlem type cough. I've given up 3 days now day one I found so so hard and day 2 Also the hardest :-( weird as that is I been fine one min then next sobbing my heart out guess I'm just finding it really hard specially with the cravings an being at home starting training for my new job next week so that should keep me busy. I also suffer wieh mild depression and low self esteem and anxiety im on citilopram 20 mg so doc wouldn't give me champix as not compatible wish I could have had them. Anyone any tips on how to re train my brain and break my old routine? At the moment I'm just keeping busy cleaning house I also have 2 children my daughter is 11 and my son is 9 I would really like to make them proud and my partner he not the very supportive type he says he proud of me but sometimes doesn't feel that way he gave up 5 years ago

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  • Hiya Leanne and welcome to quit support, congratulations on your 3 day quit :)

    Yep you're right it's not easy but it will definitely be worth it and it will get easier as each day goes by, so hang in there :)

    Keeping busy is the best thing and changing your routine around helps to break the habits we have formed :)

    It can be a bit of a roller coaster of emotions as you've already found out but lots of help available on here :)

    Good luck with your new job next week and you won't have to worry about smoke breaks and you'll smell so much nicer :) :) x

  • Hi briarwood thank you for your reply nice to have support off others who have giving up. It's nice to know your not alone thank you for the warm welcome I will keep use all updated and your right no more smelling of smoke :-) x

  • Hi Leanne and a big warm welcome to our lovely quit support forum :) soooo, your on day 3 already then, thats great news gal, cos quitting the smokes is the best thing you can do for you and your body :)

    As Briarwood has said, its a bit of roller coaster for our emotions to start with :o but you think, when you smoke a ciggie, you dont just get nicotine, you get over 4,000 toxins going into your body as well :( so you see, our bodies have a lot of changes to make and of course, all for the better :) Please just give it time :)

    As for you keeping busy, this is what you have to do, have you got any hobbies, maybe go for some nice walks and breath in that lovely fresh air, go to the gym, get one of those keep fit CDs, cos I tell you, exercising helped me tremendously :) I've got a rowing machine and when I first quit, I got on it and gave it some :o and when I got off it, I was coughing and flippin spluttering gal, I tell ya, BUT I felt good after it :) As time has gone on, its got easier and easier for me :) which was an incentive to quit on its own, cos I know my body is recovering from all that damage that smoking does to it :) As I get off my rower now, I just feel on top of the World, its a great feeling, plus to know that you've kicked mr nic into touch as well :)

    This could help you with your depression and low esteem :) get back on top of the World again and feel proud of yourself and of your achievement, believe in yourself, have faith in yourself and you will get to where you want to be, thats FREE :) :)

    Your Son & Daughter will be soooooo proud of you :) bugger hubby eh :P :D :D

    Good luck with your new job and hope to see ya soon, Pete :)

  • Hi monky nice to meet you thank you for all your helpful advice. I'm so glad I joined this group you are all so helpful I guess you never know what to expect til you actually quit I know I can do it just like u said my self esteem plays a big part x

  • PS, Leanne, if you look to your right on this page, you will see TOPICS take a look at some of them like, '' hints & tips ''

  • Hi Leanne, welcome to the world of being a non smoker. I share your problem of depression. Researchers have found a definite link between smoking & depression with a high percentage of people suffering from depression being smokers. It is not known whether smoking contributes to depression or people smoke as a form of self medication. Anyway, I found the best way to manage both withdrawal & depression is keeping active. Withdrawal peaks at around 3-4 days when you body is deplete of nicotine (unless you're using NRT). It may take a week or 2 until withdrawal is over & from then on you have only to deal with the psychological dependence. We're all barracking for you.

  • Aww thank you hun Yep it is hard but I'm doing it im on day 5 now I'm finding it hard in mornings when just got up cod my old routine of going out for one of them horrible sticks does the smell eventually not bother you? Sorry for late reply thank you for your reply means a lot an depression is awful an my low self esteem I just want to do this for me an my family an prove I can do it xx

  • The smell of a smoker's breath, the smell left in the house of a smoker.....makes you wonder why you EVER smoked. Then there's the smell of incidental smoke, which can be quite alluring. Just like the smell walking past a bakery when you're starving. You just need to remind yourself that, just like fresh bread or hot chips, it's NEVER as good as it smells. I have my own theory (unproved) that there is enough nicotine in that wisp of smoke to pique your interest & lure you back down. I'm not convinced of the adverse health effects of 2nd hand smoke, other than in an enclosed environment but I'm still inclined to avoid it wherever possible. Don't hang your self esteem on quitting, the stakes are too high. I quit because I wanted to, not because I was brave or tough. I'm happily off them & that's all that matters to me.

  • Well look at you Leanne, day 4 of being a non smoker, training for a new job next week, two lovely children, a beautiful smile and a grumpy partner.... (well you cant have everything...) :O :P :D

    Your doing really well hun, at the end of your first week, why don't you treat yourself to something nice with the money you have saved by not smoking.... might be a spa treatment, a bottle of your favourite tipple, nice meal or will give you something nice to look forward to :)

    Stay focussed, keep strong and we are here to support you :)

  • Ha ha ha thank you hun Yep still going strong the cravings Harv been bit more stronger today but the mist is helping an the patch but I don't want to rely on them too much. An yep he is moody lol all because he quit 5 years ago with champix his will power is obviously stronger than mine but he doesnt have mild depression an self esteem issues he just doesn't understand wish he did. Not gonna lie it's been the hardest thing I've ever done. An funny you said that I actually went shopping with his credit card got ahoes fort training an some pjs etc and got my eyebrows done felt nice x

  • Well Leanne I think that the fact you are training for a new job tells me that you are stronger than you think..!!!

    As to hubby's credit card...... way to go, you should 'borrow' it on a more regular basis...errr could I borrow it for my hols next week... :) :) I'm PJ less :O :P

    Also he has probably forgotten how his quit was for him... men are like that, they have the memory of a goldfish :) :)

  • :P :P :D :D :D

  • Do you reckon thayed fit her :o :D :D

  • :D :D

    Hiya Monky you got that spear of yours handy coz I'm not getting any notice of anything so have to keep going through everything if that makes sense :O

    Probably not :( x

  • Briarwood I is the same and its driving me nuts..... well I is off now for a birthday tea at my parents :) (Im cooking the meat.) Its also for my nephew and brother-in-law as my parents are going away for 6 weeks next week too :)

    Catch up wiv you all later :)

  • My bell thing isn't working either, so I'm giving up and going back to steam cleaning the grout in my tiles :X x

  • oi you cheeky bleeder.... :D :D

  • Sorrrrrrry a typo error seeeeee :o :D :D

  • Thank you hun I doubt it a lot I just wish I could believe in myself more ive had so many people put me down i guess that's why I started smoking to help deal with it all plus trying to fit in. An wow 10 months you have been smoke free well done hun. Hope I can say the same just hope when I'm on my training it doesn't stress me out too much Huh :-(. Lol I like that comparing him to goldfish lol he just not the heart to heart type so doing it on my own with the help of all you lovely people and my quit smoking advisor Liz xx

  • Well don't worry Leanne, men just don't understand us women at all :O

    Me thinks they're definitely from another planet :D

    You're doing great and there's no doubt about that, so well done you :) x

  • :P :P :D :D :D

  • Ha ha ha thank you hunni an I deffo agree there just wish he was more supportive im trying my best to be strong x

  • Hi

    Hope that you are well

    well done for deciding to quit smoking, it's not easy but will be worth it

    please be strong show that you can do it

    I quit with listening to a quitting cd and drinking water and lozenges

    good luck to you

    love liz x

  • Hi Liz thank you for your lovely kind words how long have u been a non smoker for hun? It's been hard today with the cravings specially the mornings as the morning cig started my day lol but not giving in to the demons the quick mist helps a lot tastes awful though lol x

  • Hi Leanne, your doing just fine gal :)

    The quick mist also gives some people the hiccups, so just a little tip, spray a bit on the end of a CLEAN finger and gently rub it into your upper gum and perhaps it wont taste soo bad that way hopefully :)

    Stay focused and strong now gal, cos we all here with you :)

  • Hi

    hope you are well today

    I have quit coming up to 15 months

    Never thought I could do it but have proved that I can

    not really had any support except from the lovely people here who have kept me going

    I think of Mr nic as a bully so I'm so happy I've not let him take control of me

    do keep on drink lots of water try lozenges and I listened to a quit smoking cd

    good luck with your new job

    you are are a new person

    love to you and take care

    liz x

  • Hi Leanne and welcome to quit support.

    5 days now :) :) fantastic effort. these first days are the worst and all worth it.. As the others have said, it does get better and each day does get a little easier.

    All the very best on your quit journey :)

  • Hi hun it's hard to believe it gets easier right now :-( but ive been getting teased by my children's granddad do you want a ciggy or give her a ciggy an I reply saying no thank you don't need one but doesn't help but he is a bit of a joker I'm going to get ready an clean up an maybe walk the dog an start my training tomoro for my new job x

  • mmmmm methinks granddad needs to be reminded of the fact that the decision of which home he could go into, could be down to you.... :O tell him to play nice :) :) :D

    Your almost at one whole hang in there :)

  • :D :D x

  • Leanne, next time grandad offers you a fag, take it and crumple it up in front of his face and drop it on his lap, then perhaps he will know you mean business :)

    Or perhaps take him into the kitchen or somewhere and kindly ask him not to offer you one again :) cos your doing ever soo well Leanne, and that temptation is not what you need right now :o

    Good luck in your new job tomorrow :) :)

  • oooh feisty monky.... feisty.... I like it ;) :P :D :D

  • Do you know what your right thing is when I go there's I can smell it as they smoke in the house but it not as bad as I thought but I shall deffo consider doing that lol he smokes roll ups his wife smokes ciggys thats my fella parents for u. But I am determined to fight against those cancer sticks I don't want to fail i want to try once to quit an that's it just hope ive got it in me sorry get the smallest violin out ha just me being silly. Thank u again for helping me all of you I don't think I could on my own xx

  • Hold your head up high Leanne and be proud of yourself :) :)

    Keep strong now and just keep reminding yourself WHY you want to quit :)

  • Aw thanks hun x

  • good luck with the new job, and too think, you start smelly nice and not stinky :) :) keeping yourself busy helps and i found coming on here and reading other people journeys worked as a great distraction too. Whenever your feeling a bit down or as if your losing the battle, jump on here as there is nearly always someone about who will lend an ear :)

    I didnt think i would ever to be able to quit either as i too have a pretty low self esteem etc, It is amazing what it has done for my own confidence getting to where i am today, especially after smoking 30 a day for 40 years :o :o Believe in yourself as this is a journey that you can take and enjoy not only the health benefits but also the self growth :) :)

    Good luck :) :)


  • Thanks hun xx

  • Ha ha ha :-) x

  • Leanne.... by not smoking you will not smell, have sweeter breath and have more money in your pocket. You will look better and feel better.... now that will be a boost for your low esteem :)

  • Awww thank you droopy j your so kind thank you guess I just need to get that into my head it is nice not stinking lol x

  • Toooooooo flippin right Droopy, I second that gal :) :)

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