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Just really a update I've still given up but I don't think about how many days a quit I just try and do things normal me and my partner have more money to spend and we went to our first fine dinning restaurant and treated each other and I've also noticed you will also have the urge to have another fag when you see people smoking but then goes away! Life does feel different

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Hiya Leigh, congratulations on your 2 month quit :)

Great to hear you are both doing so well and lovely to hear that you had your first fine dining experience, wow :)

Yep that urge you get when you see someone else smoking will go and probably be replaced with yuk.............did I really used to do that :D

Keep up the great job you're doing and well done :) :) x



Life does feel different, and doing fine dining on the winnings is a great idea :)

Sure deserves a celebration along with huge congratulations to you :) :)


Aup Leigh, its lovely to see ya and doing soooooo well too :) :)

Yes, you flippin treat yourself, cos we all know how hard it is to quit :( soooo, you be proud of yourself and start doing and enjoying the things YOU want to do and not that mr nic :o :D :D

You've got a great quit going on there Leigh, soooo you flippin enjoyyyyyyyyyy :) :)


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