quitting again

I have previously stopped smoking in the past..once for 9 years!!! then again last year for 9 months...

i go on holiday in 2 weeks and my finances have been totally messed up by my lodger who has just left and not paid her rent....so basiclly i have no choice but to quit again otherwise i will have no spending money for my holiday....so im back to my first day of quitting using the e cig again....wish me luck....

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  • Hiya Juliann and welcome to quit support :)

    Sorry to hear about the lodger but it's pushing you into quitting again, so that's the bright side coz sometimes we need a push in the right direction :)

    You have done it before so you know you can do it but this time with the help of this site lets help to keep you quit :)

    You will be able to enjoy a lovely smoke free holiday :)

    Stay close to this site and sending you strength for your quit :) x

  • Hi thanks for your reply....yes i did think on the positive note that i am heading in the right direction again.....i think i was a bit scared to quit again as last time i quit i felt so ill for about 4 months...yet the first time i quit i felt great....so its onwards and upwards.....and not spending all my money on cigarettes....:-)

  • PS, can I put your quit date down for today then :o

    Oooo and as for the smilies, you need to leave a gap between them and the text :) If you hover your mouse over them, you will see how they are all made :P :D

  • Hi Julieann and a big warm welcome to this lovely quit community :)

    Like Briarwood has said, you stick with this site cos we are all friendly and helpful :) and we will help you stay on the straight and narrow :)

    If you have a question or need help, then you just shout out and we will try to help you :) or if you just want a chat :)

    Hope to see you soon Julie :)

    Pete :)

  • Hi yes you can put my quit date down for today....im feeling very positive today..... :-)

  • Ok, todays the day then :) and I will sort you a badge out Julie :)

  • Hi Julieann and welcome back to Quit Support :-)

    Sometimes we need a little helping hand to help move us back in the right direction and although it may have been unwanted, your ex-lodger may just have been that :-)

    Use your e-cig as and when you need it rather than puffing on it all day for the sake of it. Stick with us and let us know how it is for you and we'll get there with you :-)

    You can do this :-)

  • Hi thanks for the reply....i just try to keep myself busy....and i do use my e cig far too much and i do puff on it for the sake of it..i tend to use it like a security blanket...and i know from past experience i need to stop clingy onto it...

    Thanks Julie

  • Julie, there quite a few of us on here, including myself who are using the e-cig :)

    I dont know which type you've got, but I've got the vape type were you put the liquid into the atomizer or what ever you call it :o :D

    I think a lot of it for you is the hand to mouth bit :o so maybe try an empty atomizer without the battery and puff at that in between using your e-cig, if you see what I mean :o :)

  • Hi Julie, I am using the e cig like you and it has be helping me with my quit. I have be quit for 88 days now. So keep using the e cig as much as you like. I use my for security blanket as well. :D x

  • Thank you for your reply...yes I really do need my e cig and I wouldn't be able to quit without it as I find patches and other nicotine replacements do not help me....

  • Hi Julie, just a quicky :o just wandered if you've tried the lozenges ? cos these worked for me especially at work, cos I wasnt allowed to use my e-cig :(

    just a thought :)

  • Hi yes i have tried them....made me feel a bit sickly.....i suffer more when i am at home...thats when i used to smoke more....im not too bad at work....but i have quit before the longest with the e cig and the inhalater....

  • also i must add my dad has stopped over a year ago using the e cig....

  • Wayyy Hayyy good on him :) and HAY ! like father like daughter eh :) :)

  • Your most welcome Julie. Happy to help. Yes last time I quit I was using patches as well and there did not help me one bit. This is my 3rd time quitting I did quit the cigs in 2013 for 21 days but went right back to smoking again. This time round I am using the e cig and I have got long way in my quit. I hope the e cig helps you with your quit. Like it as helped me :D x

  • every day is a bonus and an achiement.....i am determined to do it this time around as i have quit twice before and was so stupid for going back to them...such a waste of money and the smell is disgusting....so its onwards and upwards for all us quitters.

  • Tooooooo flippin rite Julie :) :)

  • Hey Julieann66, maybe by quitting the cigs you may save enough money not to have a flippin lodger :)

    Stay strong and keep focussed, we are all behind ya :)

  • Too right Julie :D x

  • Julieann, we're somewhat kindred spirits. I also quit (for 15 years) but my reason for quitting left so I started again. Then I stopped last August but relapsed last easter. Isn't it amazing how we forget why we quit & how much turmoil it caused when we're tempted to smoke again. For me, this time around, I wasn't motivated with a list of reasons to quit (most of them were in our minds while we smoked). I made a list of reasons why I smoke & discredited, discounted & devalued the lot. I regularly remind myself that they tasted & smelled awful & DO NOTHING FOR ME (well nothing real). I'm hoping this strategy will keep me off them for good this time. Maybe they will benefit you too.

  • Aup Holly a great big massive well done to you and hubby for reaching 88 whole days quit :) :) You and hubby just keep on motivating each other to stay smokefree :)

    Your a star :) xx

  • Thanks monky. Yes me and hubby will keep motivating each other :D xx

  • I used my Ecig as a security blanket for the first 4 months and then I just didn't need it anymore.Use your Ecig for as long as you need to,no shame in that.I will have been nicotine free for a year on the 13th Jan.

  • Hi Julieann - Congratulations on making 2015 your year to shine :) :) You have a great attitude towards your quit which i feel is going to go along way in you being successful :) :)

    Use what ever helps are out there to make it easier for you (that's why they make em) and make sure you set a side the money that your not spending on cggies and watch it grow. I downloaded an app on my phone and it is amazing to see how much money you save - especially when ya smoked 30 a day like i was :O

    All the very best :) :)

  • Hi thank you....i decided not to stop on NYE as i have ried that and failed so many times...so i decided to stop on the 3rd Jan......im now on my second day...and i just keep thinking every day stopped is more money for my holiday spends...and then when i get home i can start on jobs in my home again...i just keep thinking positive....

  • Aup Julie, so your quit date is the 3rd of Jan :) look gal, you know yourself insideout, so you know the best :) Like I have said many times before, YOU have got to WANT to quit to quit :)

    Julie, your already thinking ahead in your quit, which is flippin ACE gal, cant fault you in any way :) You need some spendies for your hols :) then when you get back, you need some more spendies to get that flippin house of your's up to scratch, the way you want it to be :)

    Julie, that is one hell of an incentive for you to stay quit :) :) and we will help you all the way, if you need it :o :) Just please remember when your on your hols, that mr nic will still be out their and giving you a prod now and then :( sooooo please try to keep strong and focused on all them goodies that you can do to your home to make it an easier lifestyle for yourself :) :)

    Just you keep thinking positive :) :)

  • Thank you......yes im thinking very positive.....onwards and upwards.....all smoke free......

  • Bye the way Julie, just a thought gal, but if that flippin mr nic comes a calling :o then just think back to what you would have done to that flippin lodger of your's if you court her eh :o that might just do the trick :D :D

  • lol...i will take 2 extra puffs on my e cig.... :-)

  • :D :D :D

  • WHOOOOHOOOO Julieann66 almost finished day 2 :) It doesn't matter how you quit as long as it helps :)

    Way to go hun :)

  • :-)

  • About flippin time you woke uppppppp :P :D :D

    Droooooopy :o

  • I is awake..... I have been out all day spending money :) just had my dinner and it was scrumdilalicious :)

    How did it go wiv the gardening... did ya tar ya apple tree??? :O :P

  • Hmmm, just wandering what you had for dins :o kebab or pizza spring to mind :o :D :D

    Yep, got them all done :) although my flippin cat thought she was helping me :P as I was spraying them, she flippin climbed up em :o sooooooo, I had to spray another one then go back to the first one, and so on and so on :P :D :D

  • er no I had a roast dinner actually :O :)

    Er how big is your garden... or should I say orchard... :D :D

  • Nice one Droopy :) ave only got 3 apple tree's and a cherry :) we have quite big gardens around here :) good for some but bad for others eh :o

    Have you got a garden :o

  • I do..... I live on a hill so cutting the grass can be a bit of a mare.... no trees though... :)

    I have stuff growing in my garden but no idea how it got there..>!! :D :D

  • monky this flippin site is driving me nuts as I have to keep going hunting for all my responses sooooooo I is gonna log off now :(

    See ya later hun, sweet no cats ruining your tarring of your apple tree huggs for you hun :)

    Notey note :) -x-

  • Notey note Droopy, sending ya loads a cuddly sweet dreaming warm/coooool huggs so you can choose which ones ya want, depending whether your feeling cooool or a bit hotttttttt :o :D :D

    I will have to join the HU admin :o perhaps I would have more punch on this site then and get things done eh :) :)

    Sorry your struggling Droopy :( xx

  • Ermm excuse me but I have't had any hugs off you all this year :D :D

    So what's the chances of a few coming my way ? ? ? ;) x

  • Briar, of course you will get some huggs gal :) its just that av been working flippin nights, does my flippin ed in gal :o

    If your ready for bed I will send you loads of em now if you want, cos got loads left :) cos aint done much huggin these last couple of weeks :) xx

  • Oh that's great coz I reckon when the posts get over a certain size I have problems so some nice hugs would be terrific :) :) x x

  • Then young Lady, you shell have some :) :)

    Am sending you some warm cuddly massaging huggs to start with, just incase you got some aches and pains :o :) then am sending you some warm cuddly sweet dreaming ermmm massaging huggs for seconds, cos I like massaging ya seeee :o :D :D xx

  • Well I'm feeling better already thanks :D

    I'm sending you some don't work too hard hugs and then some extra keep everyone smiling hugs coz you do it so well :)

    Notey note lovely monky, sleep well :) :) x x x

  • Aww, thank you Briar, there just what I needed :) :) cos, well, I aint looking forwards to work tomorrow :P :(

    Notey note to you as well Briar, you keep snuggled up now cos its gone rite cold out their now gal Brrrrrr, hey, if your feet a cold stick em on hubby :o :D :D :D

    See's ya tomorrow night gal and thank you :) :) xxxx

  • :D :D what's that you said kick the hubby :D x

  • :D :D :D now now Briar, not in front of the children :o :D :D xx

  • day 3 smoke free....i just had a slight urge for a split second when i finished my tea.....but all good :-)

  • Aup Julie, day 3 now then :) your going great guns gal :)

    Yes that was a bit of a tough time for me too, after eating :o but you get this first week over and done with and it gets easier from then on :)

    Stay strong and focused now :)

  • Well done Julie 3 days quit already, well done :)

    I used to get up straight away and clean my teeth when I'd finished eating to resist that urge and that helped me :)

    You are doing great so keep up the good work :) x

  • had a stressful day today at work..then got a text off the lodger thinks shes coming back tomorrow...she doesn't know it yet but shes not as had no rent off her..so got all that to face.....and....I still haven't had a cig.......day 4 completed.....................:-)

  • Fantastic Julie that you are 4 days quit now and don't let anything make you have a ciggy coz it's just not worth it and plenty of people on here will tell you the same :)

    We only think it helps stress but actually makes it worse :(

    You should be proud of yourself, well done :) :) x

  • Wayyyyyy Hayyyyyy Julie, day 4 well and truly completed :) :)

    As for your lodger, tell her, if she wants to come back, then she's got to put a deposit down, just incase she does another runner eh :o :D :D

    Julie, your one ACE of a Lady :) you keep it up now :)

  • hi sorry i havent updated you all..im doing well im on day 14 after all the stress with my lodger she is back.....and i go on holiday tomorrow.....im feeling very pleased with myself that i have not gone back to the evil sticks.......14 days smoke free :-)

  • Congratulations julieann on your new 2 week badge, fantastic achievement, so well done to you :)

    Have a great holiday and now you are a non smoker, more time to enjoy yourself :)

    Be very proud as you're doing a great job :) :) x

  • Hi just an ypsate as i havent been on here for a couple of weeks......i had my 2 weeks holiday...my lodger turned up and she is back living here...and i have gone 39 days SMOKE FREE.................feeling very pleased with myself

  • Bloomin' marvellous! How very proud of you are we then?! Very, very, very - that's how much :D :D

    What a lovely new badge you have too ;-)

  • Thank you....its been quite hard as I came back from my holiday with a sleeve of cigarettes for my daughter....and the temptation was with me...but I kept telling myself no......and I will keep telling myself no.... :-)

  • Hi Julieann, great to hear you're doing so well :)

    Massive congratulations on 39 days quit and yes you should be feeling very pleased with yourself coz you deserve it :)

    Well done and keep up the good work :) :) x

  • Thank you....I will keep fighting the urge... :-)

  • Hi Julieann66, well done to you on sticking it out. The more days smokefree that you get under your belt, the stronger you will become :-)

    I do hope you will make your lodger the reason for you to stay stopped and not the excuse to go back to smoking ;-)

    Wow, that's a nice new shiny badge you are wearing :D :D

  • Hi yes it would have been easy for me think my lodger is back and ive got the money for fags now.....but I haven't...I have been treating myself to little luxuries that I wouldn't be able to afford if I smoked.... :-)

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