I gave up smoking for almost 10 years before stupidly starting again a few NY's ago. My boys hate it, I hate it but have found is so much more difficult to quit this time (last time I went cold turkey). I really want to stop before Christmas and have managed to cut down during the day (but go a bit mad at night). Any tips to get me re-focused would be greatly appreciated :)

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  • Hi Lindspops, I know what you mean about the evenings being the most difficult time as that's when I always struggled. I did really boring things like learning to crochet to keep my hands busy and having a drinking straw on hand if a craving got too bad, it meant I could draw on it and get a similar effect without the actual cig. My suggestions however are a little bit mad so if you have a look on the right hand side there are loads of hints and tips there which may be much more useful :)

    Just out of curiosity, was there a trigger point that made you start again after 10 years or was it complacency? It's handy to know that no matter how long you have been quit you always need to be on your guard I guess.

  • I quit using an Ecig and gradually cut down the strength of nicotine cartridges I was using.Took me around 4 months to get nicotine free but have to say one of the easiest quits ever (I'd had a heap of failed attempts) I'm 15 months quit today & yep it's had it's ups and downs but I'll never go back now. You have to really want to do it & take each day one by one but with a bit of determination you'll get there.GOOD LUCK.

  • Hey snowdrop, huge congrats on 15 months!! Way to go :) hope you're keeping well :)

  • Wow 15 months quit today, that's fantastic well done Helen :) x

  • Wayyyy Hayyyyy Snowdrop, 15 months is just flippin awesome gal :) :)

    notice :o :| av been out over them their fields and court you a lovely 15 month Winners badge and gived it a rite good shine up tooooo :D :D xx

  • Congratulations on 15 months Snowdrop, that is a sensational effort

  • Hiya linspops and welcome to quit support :)

    I think that planning your quit is important and you are cutting down now, so that's good. You don't say if you're planning to go cold turkey again or whether you would consider NRT this time. There is a wide choice available if you decide it's right for you :)

    You really want to stop before Xmas and you have to believe you can because you have done it before :)

    Yes it's hard but you can do it :)

    This wonderful group of people have helped so many quit and if you read some of the posts, it will help to focus your decision :)

    Chatting on here really helps and well done on making the best decision you can for your health :) :) x

  • Hi Lindspops a big warm welcome to this lovely quit support forum :) :)

    I see you've had loads of great advice already :)

    Sit yourself down and think WHY you want to quit :o write them down on a piece of paper and as you write them down, say them out loud :) try to get them embedded into your head :) maybe stick a few copy's of the list around the house, so they keep reminding you why you want to quit :)

    I suspect you go a bit mad at night with the cigs, cos your cutting down during the day and the nicotine receptors in your brain are telling you, they want flippin more !!

    Maybe it would be an idea for you to use some form of nicotine replacement therapy this time :) I dont think you will need much, but it may just help you to start with :)

    If you need any help with the nrt, just give us a shout eh :) We all help each other on here :) :)

  • Hi there - it is very hard when you have stopped for so long!! Well I don't believe in punishing myself needlessly - it is the tar and all that c**p that is in the tobacco - at least give yourself a fighting chance! There are many help areas that you could look at - including the champix etc. I never found patches or gum much help but the nicomist and e vape certainly did. I still have my dummy(vape) but thats my choice. As I repeatedly tell folk if you don't have the first puff - you cannot start smoking again. Try to do something different to occupy your hands - not suggesting you knit(like me) but a new hobby may help eg jig saw painting etc. If you read my story - I stopped and was diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer 1 month later! However - I am still here to tell the tale 15 months on and am in remission through intensive chemo/radio etc. Hope this gives you a little push in the right direction. I cannot criticize anyone who starts again - but eventually i got there. Be kind to yourself - and get those fingers moving!! Vee ;8 xx

  • Thanks all - I will pick a day and go for it! Rather do cold turkey again so will get myself some puzzle books L x :)

  • Welcome Lindspops,..Good on you for wanting to quit again, and your idea of just picking a day and going for it sounds very positive, I quit cold turkey and for me it was sheer determination that got me through those first few days, then finding this group has been awesome for staying quit :)

    Have you read Allan Carrs book - easy way to give up smoking, it can be downloaded as a pdf, just google it. That may just help get your head in the right place to help you.

    All the very best and keep us posted on how your travelling :)

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