Good Morning everyone.

I have been trying to quit for a while now i've tried everything i can think of, patches etc.

But i want to try Champix, i have been on a two week course in the past and they have worked but when i needed to renew my subscription the doctor was sick, and then i started smoking again.

I am now ready to give it my all and quit by or before 31/12/2014.

Can anyone advise on who i need to see to get a perscription for champix?

I have recently moved to Liverpool and do not have a GP yet.

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  • Hi Daniel,

    Welcome to Quit support. and a huge congratulations to new for not giving up on trying to quit :) :)

    Sorry I can't help you with scripts for champix as I am downunder in Australia :D :D

    I am sure someone who lives a whole lot closer will be here soon and be able to provide you with the information you are after.

    Over the next few weeks Daniel, take some time and read some of the information on the right hand side under Topics. The more information you can get on what to expect with quitting the more it will help you along your own journey :) :)

  • @Glolin

    Thank you for taking the time to reply and thank you for the advice.

    I have tried to give up so many times in the past and i have read what to expect so many times that i almost know it off by heart now haha.

    I know that i have enough will power with champix to quit for good as long as get the three month treatment (or even a month should be fine.)

    I have been smoking for nearly 10 years now and probably spent in excess of £5760 (over those 10 years) to kill myself slowly, i am 25 next year and really starting to look at things differently.

    I will make more enquiries into it locally and keep everyone updated on my progress.

    Thanks again!!

  • Hi Daniel welcome to quit support. I am afraid I cant help you with the information you need. However Emjay our Advisor will be on tomorrow and she is based in Liverpool, I am sure she will be able to help you.

    I shall message her with your query.

    Like glolin says have a browse around.

    Keep in touch. xx

  • @Jillygirl

    Thank you for your reply.

    I have searched the internet for champix and i know you can buy it for about £60 but money is tight at the moment, i know what you are thinking, and i know it is ridiculous, which is why i am making the decision to quit.

    I have got the application form to register for a doctor in Liverpool which i am going to send off tomorrow but i am not sure how long that will take and would like to get the treatment started A.S.A.P

    Any more information about what/where to go would be very much appreciated, but i will wait for the reply from Emjay tomorrow.

    Thanks again.

  • Aup Daniel, a big warm welcome to this lovely quit support forum :) :)

    I'm Pete and I've used champix myself, very good too :) but I got cocky and didnt finish the course :o with in a week or so, I was back smoking again :( Soooooooo please please use the full course of champix :)

    Yes Daniel, firstly you will have to register with a doctor to get the prescription and maybe call at your local chemist to see if they do the quit smoking sessions :) this will also help you cos you have to blow into a Carbon Monoxide machine and this tells you how much CM you have in your lungs, when I first took the test, I was still smoking and it came out at 41 :o I quit that week and went back the following Saturday and it was 3 :) :) This gave me a massive boost on my quit :) :) and the 2 nurses were fantastic help too :) but as I said, I got cocky and diddent finish the course, so please take heed and complete the course :) :)

    Like the Girls have said, our lovely quit adviser Emjay lives in Liverpool, so she will be able to put you right with places to go for help :)

    Daniel, please keep us posted on how you get on :)

  • @Monkey (Pete),

    Thanks for the advice.

    That has made me re-think what i said in a previous message about only needing a months course, i will heed your warning and take the full course.

    The last thing i want to do is start again after my quit date.

    My application for the doctors is in it's envelope and ready to be posted tomorrow.

    This forum is one thing i didn't have any of the other times that i have tried to quite, but it is already making me feel more determined to quit because i do not want to come back and say that I've started smoking again.

    Every one will be kept informed on every aspect of the three month treatment, feelings/side effects, behavior and intensity of cravings.

    I will also advertise this forum to people who i know that smoke and are thinking about quitting, so that they can get the help and support they need.

    Thanks again to Glolin, JillyGirl and you Pete for taking time out of your day to help me save my life (Drastic, but very true!)

  • Hi Daniel

    Welcome to this great support site :) everyone is really nice (incl monky.... :P ) and very supportive, I certainly wouldn't have lasted this long without them!

    You wanna know anything, ask anything, use us as a sounding board or just let off some steam then this is the right place for you :) we will all give you as much support as we can and hopefully you'll be a non smoker by the end of the year :) :)

    Good Luck, stay focussed and keep strong, were all behind ya :)

  • Thank you for your warm and welcoming message Droopyj.

    I appreciate all the support and already feel very very welcome.

  • Hiya Daniel, great to hear you're ready to quit :)

    Hope you get things sorted with your GP soon :)

    Welcome aboard :) x

  • As i said to Droopyj

    Thank you for your warm and welcoming message.

    I do really appreciate all the support and can't believe how friendly everyone is.

  • Hey Daniel, welcome to Quit Support - our happy online stop smoking family ;-)

    As you live in Liverpool, you will be able to access our Roy Castle FagEnds face to face stop smoking service - we have over 60 sessions across Liverpool that you can drop in on - no appointment needed or you can request a one to one appointment at a time to suit you. The service runs mornings, afternoons, evenings and also Saturday mornings.

    If you call our (freephone) helpline on 0800 195 2131 our advisors will let you know where your nearest venue is :-) They will be more than happy to help :-)

    You will be able to access NRT (Nicotine Replacement Therapy) and other non-nicotine based therapies (Champix or Zyban) for free if you are in receipt of benefits, if not it will cost you the price of your prescription. If you get yourself registered at a GP surgery, our advisor can give you a Champix request letter to take to them - most GP's in Liverpool won't prescribe unless you receive behavioural support alongside Champix.

    Remember that most success comes from those who plan and prepare all the way through their stopping smoking journey. Stick with us and we'll help you to get to where you want to be :-)

    You can do this :-)

  • @Emajy,

    I know i can do this now this is my time.

    I took a further step forward today, instead of sending the application i went there personally to hand it in and also inquired about a smoking doctor/nurse.

    I then went down stairs and met Julie who took my carbon monoxide reading which read 15.

    I need to call them back next Monday to find out where they are up to with the application for my GP but they advised it may take a week or two but i should definitely have the treatment in time for the new year which is really what i am aiming for, I quit last year on new years day for 9 days on patches but i need that extra push that, i know, the champix will give to me.

    What do you mean by behavioral support? will the smoking doctor advise me on who to see or is this something i need to arrange myself before i can continue with the treatment?

    Thank you again for your time.

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