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Day One Today

Hello and a HUGE THANK YOU to all the lovely people who were kind enough to send me messages of support. I tried to individually reply to you all - but am a bit techno-challenged so it may not have happened lol

I actually ran out of smokes last night and I refused to buy more. I was thinking about all the money that has literally gone up in smoke over the years.... and the reward thing is a GREAT idea. Up til now I was spending $60 a week AARRRGGHHHH - that's $3000 in the last year alone! I could have gone on holiday, bought a car or a boat. I could have trained in trapeze at my local circus school or ridden horses on the beach at the sunshine coast where I live. But did I? NO! I thought filling my lungs endlessly with toxic chemicals was a much better way to go. Well, no more - look out smokes I am turning my back (and my wallet) on you forever...

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Well done Catherine on your first day :)

When you say you live at the Sunshine Coast, can I ask is that Queensland :)

You can save up now and do some of the things you have mentioned :)

Anything is possible now :) :) x


Thanks so much and yes Sunshine Coast is in Queensland - south east area and it's gorgeous - stunning white beaches, lovely people and beautiful rainforests and mountain views - all within 15 minutes of where I live.


Wow Catherine, lucky you..........it sounds fabulous :)

How are you getting on with your quit :) x


Hello to you Catherine and well done on your quit so far, you already sound very sorted and determined to do this and you definitely will do. Putting the money to one side is a great idea and definitely helped me, after a few months I had put enough money away to buy an expensive camera for our holidays and kitted us all out with clothes to go in just by not smoking for a few months, that's a massive incentive but also sickening when I think how much I've wasted over the years. We then went on a brilliant holiday to Oz and a seriously long flight that I got through amazingly as I hate flying normally but I think I just got a boost as I wasn't craving cigs for the first flight ever. Good luck and stay strong :) x


Thanks so much - hope you enjoyed OZ - I am saving up to go back to UK


Ah yes we did Thankyou, it was brilliant. We visited family in Perth WA and spent the whole time with them doing and visiting various places,, loved it :D


Well done Catherine :) :) It great to have another in Aussie onboard, It is a sad reality when you do the maths on how much money we have been wasting on smoking.

All the very best on your quit journey....Love your positive attitude :)


Hey Catherine, hope you have safely got Day 2 under your belt now :-)

Make sure you are putting your pennies away to get yourself across here to the UK on a visit :-)

Keep up the positive momentum and you'll be riding along those sunny beaches on horseback before you know it ;-)


Well done Catherine. I hope have safely got day 2 under you belt now. :) xx


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