Going on 11 months

I am not looking for praise here, I just want to let people know that there is hope. I tried quitting many times before. Last year I set a date and decided to quit. My mind was where I needed it to be and my last cigarette was on December 24th, 2013. I used an e-cig for about a month to curb cravings and then I was done for good. I have very little desire to start again. Keep KNOWING that you can stay stopped and never have that crutch, and the stench, again.

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  • Thanks mike for those words of encouragement. Well done.

  • good for you, looking forward to being there.

  • Nice one Mike, thank you for coming on here and telling us :) :) and welcome aboard this lovely community we have here :) :)

    A massive great big well done to you for very nearly reaching 11 months quit :) :) especially with all your health issues too :) :)

    Stay with it Mike :)

    Pete :)

  • Hi mike

    I know your not looking for praise but you should definitely be given it. Your message will give so much motivation to others. A massive well done x

  • Hiya Mike, you deserve recognition and praise, so well done coz it gives others hope :) x

  • Thats a brilliant achievement,. and you are getting praise from me so there lol. x

  • Mike, you are a superstar and deserve praise :) :) We all no it is not easy and that fact you are almost at your first year, you sure do deserve to be praised.

    Thanks for sharing as this will help others along their own quit journey :) :)

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