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Last cigarette at 3.30pm 16th Oct 2014

Hi All

I smoked my last cigarette at 3.30pm today. I realise the title of my post may appear foolish at the moment but it will look better and better as time passes.

Having smoked for 24 years, I stopped cold turkey for 10 weeks from Feb - May this year. I then relapsed and am back to the same levels of smoking that I was at before ie 15-20 cigs a day.

My motivations for stopping are to be around for my young family, to stop being a slave to nicotine and for health and financial reasons.

My main fear related to smoking cessation is the physical nicotine withdrawal.

My hope is that writing about my experience of stopping smoking on this site will provide some level of catharsis.

I am interested in hearing from other people who have recently stopped smoking.



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Hi Colser,

I'm with you mate, only been a member a couple of weeks but this is a great site & superb people who will support you all the way.

I've cut down to a few roll ups a day from a pack of 20 a day, tobacco will be finished tomoz so you're ahead of me.

You going cold turkey again or e-cig or nicotine replacement?

Here's to a fresh start :)


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Welcome Colin to quit support and your title is in no way foolish :)

We all start off hour by hour and then day by day :)

You're right it certainly helps to write about it and you will also get lots of help here from other members :)

You have done it before so you know how to and you have found out the hard way that mr nic doesn't give up without a fight :)

You mention the physical nicotine withdrawal and you know you can get over this, as it doesn't last for ever :)

You sound very motivated and positive which is brilliant :)

Just believe this is your time to do it and you CAN do it :)

We have a lot of new members who will be going through the withdrawal and a lot of longer term members who have been through it, so you will not be alone :)

Stay strong through your journey and we will help you all the way :) x


Can I ask why you started again after 10 weeks ... not judging genuinely curious


Firstly, WELL DONE on making the decision to quit again.Not many folks achieve a quit for good at the first attempt & NO your post isn't foolish,far from it, it just shows a commitment to quit for good.

Are you Cold Turkey again or are you using NRT? I used an Ecig(as do a heap of folk on here) and managed to wean myself off nicotine in around 4 months just decreasing gradually.I smoked 15-20/day for 38 years nearly & I'm cig free for 13months, 9 of those nicotine free. Probably the easiest quit ever really and Don't miss it at all now. Be patient,drink plenty of water and make plans for when the craving strikes (I used to walk around the block until I felt better!!)

You know you can do this without a shadow of a doubt so stick close yo the site and SHOUT if you need anything.Good Luck.Hugs H

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A massive big well done to you Colin :) cos I think that this part of quitting smoking is one of the hardest parts, to actually say, thats it, I've quit :) and a big warm welcome to this lovely community :)

So now Col, all you have got to do is stay on the straight & narrow :) :) no looking back, just keep marching on straight ahead to that lovely bright light at the end of the tunnel :) and hopefully we can help you do that :) if you need us pal, you just shout out :)

You have lots of motivations to help you :) so you stay strong and above all, focused on your new journey and you will reach your goal and thats to be smokefree :) :)

I would love you to write about your quit experiences, as it will help you and perhaps help other members of this community too :) :)

Good luck Colin, we are all rooting for you :)

Pete :)


Welcome Colin and a big congratulations on not giving up on quitting. See your first time as a practice run for this time :).

You have great reasons for wanting to quit and these should help you along on you journey. When the going gets a little tough, just remind yourself of the reasons..

As mentioned, we have a few new members starting out on their quit journey and many others that have gone through the hard yards :) :)

I can understand your fear of the physical nicotine withdrawal, however it does get easier. Recognising it for what it is and not letting it draw you in. Try and turn any negatives into a positive. eg, rather than quitting smoking...you are starting a healthier lifestyle for you and your family.

There is no right or wrong way, as it comes down to what works best for each individual. Stay close by and let us know how your travelling.

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I am at 36 days cold turkey and i forgot all about cigarettes my anxiety attacks have all but ceased and my shortness of breath is a whole lot manageable just hang in there it gets greater later

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