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God knows if I've got something serious

I quit smoking in March - March 1st was the day I quit.

Now I have had a horrible several weeks since September 9th.

Problem with kidney function came up in blood tests.

Then I had to WAIT four weeks for further blood tests.

Still a problem.

then i had to do a urine sample.

blood in it - though it wasn't visible to me so must be minute.

So I have taken a sedative to help me go to sleep as I am still awake.

What can I say?

If this is due to smoking its bad.

I really hope everyone here who is trying to quit succeeds.

It beats having ill health at some point in your life.

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Hi Buttons, I'm sorry to hear you're having a worrying time and really hope the docs get you sorted out as soon as and that it's nothing too serious!

You're also absolutely right that stopping sooner rather than later is so important to maintain good health and to avoid later problems if possible and I think your words will be encouragement to those quitters who are teetering.

I hope everything goes well for you with your tests etc. Take good care.

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Hi Buttons, Sorry your having problems . However dont worry too much as it could be a simple kidney infection. Besides your a strong person , you beat Mr Nic, you can beat anything. Lots of keep strong and get better soon vibes been sent on their way >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> :) :) XXXXXXXXXXX

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Hiya Buttons, sorry to hear you're having health problems and as Jilly said you, you have beaten Mr Nic so you can beat anything, stay strong and you will get through this difficult time. Sending good wishes your way :) x

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Hello you lot! I am sorry I didn't know you had replied to my woes at the time. I still have kidney damage but listen - it wasn't smoking that caused it! It was a medication I was on - a mood stabiliser called Depakote which I had increased some months before the dodgy results. Although I have also been looking at Quetiapine/Seroquel which I take a small dose of which can also cause kidney damage - but I have been on that for longer and that is why I suspect it was the Depakote.

I am still depressed about my weight gain but hopefully I will be able to lose weight or stop eating too much ! I am trying to eat healthier foods but it is harder to be positive when one has depression as I do.

Even though I have depression - I am convinced that quitting smoking is a good thing. For example - the family cat is an indoor cat and only young - 2 years - so he doesn't have to inhale my horrible smoke anymore and things like that.

Bytheway I have lost one of my front teeth - and that may have been because of smoking. The tooth had no fillings or decay but the gums have receded and the dentist said smoking probably caused it. I will lose three more at the front which is really annoying. The gum disease was happening around 9 years ago. I should have paid for treatment to my gums at the dentist by the hygienist but I only had about one or two sessions.

When I was 18 my dentist told me I would always have my teeth so - perhaps if I had never started smoking this would still be true.

Thank you all for your replies. Best wishes to you all. This is also my nick name on Twitter but I don't talk about smoking much on there.


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