Day 14 Non Smoking Cold Turkey

Well, It has been easier than I thought! However, felt a bit out of sought's today and thought of smoking! But.....didn't give in!! I don't have strong cravings but I tend to think about smoking in general! (Not necessarily about having one!). Anyone else?

Has anyone tried Glucose tablets? If so, do these help with cravings!

We are doing this Cold Turkey together!


Sue and John

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  • Congratulations Sue and John for making the decision to quit smoking :) :) I love how the two of you are doing this together.

    There is lots of info on the right hand side of the screen that you may find useful along your quit journey as we all go experience difference physiological as well as psychological symptoms.

    I cant help you out on the use of glucose tablets but hopefully someone will pop in soon that may be able to help you out with that :) :)

    I wish you both the very best of luck on your quit journey and pop in and let us know how your going or if you need any support along the way :) :)

  • Thank you for your encouraging words! :)

  • Hi Holidays, Like Glolin says well done and keep positive. Dont know about the glucose tablets however they should help you get more energy. Keep up the good work. :) xx

  • Thank you :)

  • Hi Sue and John

    That's great you're quitting together. :-)

    There has been studies relating to glucose tablets and quitting smoking. It's not totally consistent, basically glucose tablets will improve cravings. I never used them but I took Vitamin C tablets and lobelia tablets for first few weeks and they helped me, may have been a psychological thing but if it works then do it :-D

    I've had the thoughts about smoking but not actually wanting to smoke more of a I should be smoking. This was at a time of stress but I managed to get through it. :-)

    I have also read Allen Carr and that has really helped me through my quit.

    Keep up the good work, support each other and keep in touch. :-)


  • Thank you! Have Allen Carr's book from years ago, forgot we had the book. Will get it out have read it this time! Cheers Sue & John :)

  • Well done and big respect for going cold turkey to both of you :)

    I agree with all of the above and book mentioned by Shantimar is def worth a read :)

    I thought about ciggies loads and for a few months, but they tend not to be such an issue now.

    Stay strong and well done x

  • Thank you, looking forward to not thinking about them in a few months. Cheers Sue & John :)

  • Hey you two, fabulous that your both doing this together :O didn't know anything about glucose but I may try it now :D

    Stay strong and keep up the good work :)

  • Thank you. All the best to you to. Cheers Sue & John :)

  • I just think it's brilliant you have each other for those hard times when you just feel that NOTHING except a cig will help (just your brain playing tricks, a cigarette solves nothing, I know this for sure) I used an ECig but it's hard to get off the nicotine as many folk here will tell you,it's like quitting twice,so I'm in awe of you for the cold turkey.WELL DONE.I'm not sure what the glucose will do except give you energy but try it and see if it works,you won't be loosing anything.Keep going,you're both truly superstars.

  • Thank you for your positive words. All the best for you to. Cheers Sue&John :)

  • A big warm welcome to this lovely quit forum :) and a massive well done to you Sue & John and for reaching 2 weeks quit :) :)

    Quitting together is just ACE, cos if one of you gets a bit erm, iffffy, then the other can help :) :) and I take my hat of and bow down to you both for going cold turkey :) :)

    Please stay with us and if you have any questions or indeed any advice that may help others on here, then please feel free to post or comment :) :)

    Just remember NOPE, not one puff ever :)

    Pete :)

  • Thanks Pete for your positive encouragement!! Cheers The Cold Turkeys - Sue&John :)

  • Stopped smoking a week ago today & have really surprised myself how easy it's been. I've smoked for 34ish years creeping up to 30 a day & have never tried before. I'm on patches & gum. Only things I need to mention really is the sore feeling in my chest-not pain, similar to indigestion, anyone else had this? Like 2cold turkeys above I tend to think about it more than wanting one and watching my money build up is a good incentive! Will it get harder at some point????

  • Hi Murphy, well done to you - your first week done and onto your second :)

    Welcome to this lovely quit site, people here are soooo supportive :)

    I too quit with patches and had a side helping of lozenges (I thought they were disgusting so only had about 2). I had various side effects, v bizarre dreams (albeit I always had strange dreams before but they weren't as bad :O ), very sensitive gums and teeth, headaches :(

    Indigestion or heartburn didn't really effect me, HOWEVER, we are all different and no two quits are exactly the same :O You have to remember that you are not putting in over 4000 toxins into your body now and it will manifest a reaction in any which way it can to get you back to puffin on those old cigs :(

    Just remember NOPE... Not One Puff Ever and you'll be fine :)

    Each quit is different for some people so some find it harder than others, you may just be one of them lucky ones but always be careful as mister nic can come and bite you on the bum when you least expect it..... :P

    Also when I went down in patch strength I found I was very emotional and punchy.... not saying you will be but just be aware :)

    Good luck, stay strong and keep focused we are all here for yoy :)

  • Hi Murphy, its lovely to meet you and a big welcome to this lovely quit forum :) :)

    Soooo, now your on your second week free from the smoke :) that is just ace Murphy, it is :) I think you've got through the hardest bit now, but saying that, Mr nic dosnt give in that easy :o so please try to stay focused and positive on your quit :)

    Murphy, you say its your first attempt at quitting, well, please, please get it right this time, because I have had a few attempts and I think it gets harder each time :o soooo, try to make this your first and last attempt at quitting eh :) :)

    DroopyJ has given you some excellent advice :) :) xx

    About the sort of indigestion you are having, I had something like that when I used the gum, soooo, I changed to the lozenges, the 2mg ones, cos the 4mg ones seemed to burn my throat :o I dont seem to get the indigestion with the lozenges :)

    Will it get harder you ask :o DroopyJ answered that question, we are all different :o PLUS, it could depend on our situation at any given time :o like if you get stressed out, that could be a hard time for you, or if you find yourself with friends who smoke ! things like that, but if you try to steer clear of these times, then it will get easier and easier for you :) :)

    Please stay with us Murphy and let us know how you are getting on, or just come for a chat eh, what ever :) :)

    Pete :)

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