Wow - I made it - a whole year!

Well, there have been highs, lows, tempers, tantrums the whole lot and I'm sure there were times where my family could have strangled me and vice versa, but....... I've made it - my first personal milestone (1 Year smoke free).

I'd tried many times before over my 30 years as a smoker and never got anywhere near this milestone - so what's different this time? Well, I've thought about it a lot and I think there were 2 major things that contributed to my success this time, and they are....... well, the first was the E-ciggarette. Now whether you're for them or against them, all I can tell you is that it certainly worked for me. I used mine for 8 months and it helped me stay on the right road when I think I would have normally caved in and given up. I know he was probably just in it for the money - but I'd like to personally thank it's inventor because in my mind, it's helped me overcome my desperate addiction to smoking.

The second thing and the most obvious one is, this forum. This community has given me a few things that I'd never had before: A place where people actually understood the hell you were going through, a place where you could see how others were coping, a place to get encouragement from others on the same road......... I could go on and on but you get the point. So I'd also like to say a big thank you to all you guys for your support, thoughts, stories, and encouragement.

There are now two things I am at this point looking forward to. A shiny new --- 1 Year Winner badge --- if you please Monky and another year smoke free.

Keep at it - and if at first you don't succeed, try try again - cos it'll be worth it in the end.


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  • CONGRATULATIONS on your massive milestone mr Ed :)

    It's brilliant to hear your story and gives us all a positive reminder to keep going :)

    Well done and as you say the people on here understand what you are going through and that makes a huge difference :)

    Fantastic achievement :) x

  • Wow- well done to you - a massive achievement - here's to the next year

  • Thank you soooo much Beth for coming back and cheering on a fellow Winner :) :)

    I hope your keeping well yourself :) :)

  • well done on your massive milestone MrEdd. Stories like yours sure does inspire the newer one to keep on going :) :) thank you :) :)

  • Aup Simon, a massive GIGANTIC well done to you for reaching 1 Year quit :) :)

    Hmmmm, it seems that not only do I have to go out chasing around them there fields to catch your new badge, plus have to shine it all up for you, but now have to award it to you as well :o ;) Huh, I tell you Simon, these flippin Women on here know how to wear an old boy out eh :P :D :D

    I'm doing my best to make your new badge stick, but it keeps trying to flippin run off :o :D :D

    Take care pal and have a lovely day :)

    Pete :)

  • WHOOFLIPPINFANDABITASTICHOOOOOO to you Mr Ed, that is one shiny badge you got yourself and it takes years off ya as well :D

    That is an A MAZE ING achievement, well done am so pleased for you :)

  • Hi MrEdd, your a real star. 1 whole year Wow.

    Heres to another smokefree year. :)

    Thank you for sharing your success with us. :)

  • Hi Mr Edd, A huge congratulations from me here in North East Wales.

    What a journey eh, and yes this site has been a godsend.

    Here's to our next year staying quit, :-P

    Take Care, xx. :-)

  • GREAT achievement Simon, a whole year WOO HOO, I know how good it feels. The Ecig (I think) was originally invented in either China or Japan in the '90's but I can't remember who by,but what I do know is that it's a lifesaver.Keep going, and here's to your next year

  • Aup H :) how you doing gal :o

    You still on your jols ??

  • Hey there lovely Pete,

    Yep, STILL in Icmeler on day 10 now & kinda ready to get back home.Got until early Saturday (our flight is 2 a.m.!!) Haven't done a jot in all the time we've been here coz we were here last year & did trips n stuff then.It's HOT but rain is forecast for tomorrow I guess we'll wait n see.Sitting on my sunbed looking at a very very blue sea and green pine mountains in the background, life is hard !!!!! Wish u were here. Hugs my flower. H x

  • You star! Great work Mr Edd!

    Year 2?

    Bring it on!! :)

    You've shown you've got it in you, so,

    Go Simon! :) :)

    Hope you celebrated :)

  • Toooooo flippin rite Betts :) :)

  • Huge congratulations Mr Ed, one whole year is just fab! I hope you're going to treat yourself to something :)

  • Cheers everyone for your support, got my new badge now - brilliant - when I joined last year one of these badges seemed forever away! Went out for a great Sunday Lunch with the family to celebrate yesterday - but I think I will get myself a little something - not sure what to get yet but trying to think of something that will always remind me that I got it for being quit a year (if you see what I mean) - perhaps a watch with 2014 on it or something.

    Any Ideas welcome.

  • Hey Simon, you have worked so hard to get to where you want to be :-) Every ounce of effort that you have put in to you stopping smoking journey has most certainly paid off, well done to you ;-)

    By sharing your journey with us, you have no doubtfully helped many others who have felt a bit in limbo and lost - but by reading how you got there has shown folks that how they are feeling is pretty (or not so pretty at times :o ) normal and it is possible to come through it in the end.

    One year on, fantastico!

    With regards to a well deserved treat to yourself, I think your idea of a watch would be a crackin' reminder - especially when you think back to the extra TIME that you have gained through stopping smoking, the TIME it has given back for you to spend with your family, the TIME you have to spend with a healthier you to enjoy the things that you want to do :-)

    Your new badge really does suit you ;-)

  • Hi , I have posted this on anther page but if you want a technique to stop cravings you are welcome to e-mail me -

    Just ask for CRAVING CONTROL TECHNIQUE ....this is based on imagining changing the feeling into something physical, so you can do something about it- i.e. get rid of it .

    warm wishes,


    P.S. Well done !

  • Congratulations I just hit my 1-year milestone too. This forum really does help, Cheers.

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