Day 3

The devil on my shoulder is an ass! I'm gonna wring his bloody neck.

I now realize I am not impervious to illness - not immune from the effects of smoke, and it has hit me, hit me hard. I have been soooo stupid for far too long but the time has come. 3 days without nic and it is difficult but I know it's early days. I'm trying to keep busy - washing up, tidying up, dog walking in Central Park, eating, and going to bed early, but my wife and children are extremely supportive as are the folks on this forum.

I will be posting regularly ( very therapeutic) and appreciate the support you have all given.

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  • Hi Drumkat,

    For the first few days, you are mostly re-framing your habits to avoid reaching for a ciggie. You should be finding that easier now, are you?

    The next challenge is what we call "cravings" that sneak up on you unawares and make you think you want a puff. Each one doesn't usually last long and then it passes but they are a pain! You need a plan to get over them - a glass of water, breathing exercises, something to eat - even chewing a cocktail stick - can all work. Find something that works for you - and, if you are tempted, post on here and people will come up with all sorts of interesting ideas!

    Keep the faith and remember NOPE - Not One Puff Ever!

  • Great post - thanks.

    I am trying to keep busy when that craving appears and that helps take my mind off the desire to smoke.

    I know it will get easier and am looking forward to that time when those triggers that make me wanna smoke have gone.

    I will post regularly as it is helpful to write my concerns and the support I have received so far has been immense. Thank you all. X

  • Well done Drumkat, you're doing brilliant keeping busy and great to hear you getting lots of support from family :)

    Yes it is very therapeutic posting here, it keeps us all on track to be able to share here :)

    Dog walking in Central Park sounds good to me, so enjoy :)

    Stay positive, stay focused and you can do it :) x

  • I have a Border Collie who can't believe her luck! I was in the park last night for nearly two hours despite the heat!

    Thank you for your support

  • Drumkat.... where in the world are you?????

  • An Englishman in NYC

  • Yeah sorry about that, having a ginger moment.... just seen the central park bit.... DOH..!!!

  • Hi drumkat, welcome to our lovely site. If you need any help just shout, thats what we are here for.

  • WHOOOHOO its our newest administrator...... come on down Jilligirl, Monkyyy needs ya :) you make sure you keep him on the straight and narrow, you here??? Well done on your new title :D :D

  • Thx JillyGirl.

  • You are doing really well. Day 3 was my worst day and from there on end it just get easier :) :)

    Ohh - I remember central park was in that part of the world July/Aug last year :) :) Greatest memory of Central park was the memorial for John Lennon with "Imagine" inscribed in it. So surreal ( Big beatles fan) :) :)

    Hang in there drumkat, it WILL get easier

  • Hi Drumkat You are doing really well. You can do this, I found drinking lots of water helped me and everyone on this Quit site are so supportive . Keep up the good work x

  • Hi Drumkat, If the going gets tough just think of all the lovely people on quit support, going through the very same thing, that's what I do, it really works.

    Take Care, :-)

  • Hey Drumkat :-) How are feeling today?

    Try to look at getting cravings as a positive sign that your body is just recognising that you are no longer feeding it all those 4,000 plus toxins :-) The more cravings that you overcome, the stronger you will become. I always recommend that when you hear them knocking, don't ignore them - open the front door, let them in and show them very swiftly to the back door ;-)

    Remember that you can do this :-)

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