16 days as a non smoker ;-)

Just thought I would post for the first time. I've been quit smoking 16 days. I'm 38 and smoked 20 a day plus. When I last went on holiday I bought back some cheap cigarettes, I told myself once I've smoked them the I will quit. In the meantime I started the c25k program as I guessed I needed another addiction and here I am running three times a week which has helped with the non smoking. I've lost nearly a stone in weight and can now run 30 minutes before I could not run 90 seconds. So hi everyone and well done to everyone that is in the road to non smoking :-)

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  • Belinda - Welcome to this wonderful quit site :) :) Congratulations on your quit so far :) :). your truly are doing a fantastic job so far :) :0

  • Thank you glolin. I feel better for it ;-)

  • Wow Belinda you are doing great. Wish I could lose a stone :-)

    Keep up the good work :-) :-)

  • Thank you. It's all down to determination and the c25k program without that I would not of done it ;-)

  • Pardon my ignorance but what is the c25K programme Belinda?

  • BIG well done onquitting, you wont regret it, I certainly admire you taking up running. Losing a stone inweight is fantastic. I bet you feel a lot healthier. Xx

  • Yes, JG I do. It's been better than I thought. It's amazing how are brains work really ;-)

  • Congratulations Belinda on 16 days quit and glad you enjoying your new healthy lifestyle, well done :) great idea to take up running :) x

  • Thank you briarwood, so glad I started running as that's why I needed to quit smoking so I could run better ;-) and it's worked

  • Hi Belinda.... well look at you, a massive 16 days quit and a stone lighter....that is a fantastic achievement and I take my hat off to you :)

    Please keep us updated of your progress (coz we are a right nosey bunch on here...). If there's anything we can do for you (although it seems you might be able to do something for us :) ), anything you want to ask or come on here and join in the chats....please feel free to do so coz we would love to hear from you :)

    keep up the great work :)

  • Thank you droopyj. It's good to have support from people in the same boat. Unless you've been there your self it is hard to understand ;-) I will keep posting

  • Hi ya Belinda :) a big warm welcome to this lovely quit site and a massive well done to you toooo for being 16 days free of the nic monster :) :)

    It sounds like you have an exercise program in place too :) Please stay with us and keep us informed of your progress :) :)

    Speak soon I hope :)

  • Hi monky, thank you.

    I started the c25k program first then decided its time to kick the habit that I've know for so long. ;-)

  • Wish I was running instead of eating. I do walk every day but don 't think my knees would stand the strain of running. That is brilliant to lose weight and stop smoking

  • I did not think my body would cope, don't get me wrong I've ached from head to foot but I'm doing it and getting there, could not run 90seconds now I am running 20 minutes without stopping in just 5 weeks ;-) if I can do it anyone can ;-)

  • Wow! That is brilliant! Huge well done Belinda, an inspiration :)

  • Thank you betts ;-)

  • Wow Belinda. That is fantastic. We seem to running parallel here. I'm on my 16th Day. I feel great. Have combined several things to help beat cravings. What where your methods dear? Be nice to know cause we're at the same stage. Almost. Any feedback would help. xx

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