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I've just found this on facebook


This is fantastic news in respect of e-cigarettes - it's a video link which was on the BBC website. Have a look, it's very very reassuring that e-cigs are a zillion times safer than cigarettes and I would go so far as to say pretty harmless!

Highlight the link then right click then click on go to.... and it will open the link for you.

Oh, and congratulations to Mindermummy (and I) we've reached a whole 4 months on our stop smoking journey having stopped on 24 March 2014 - WOW - THAT IS FANTASTIC NEWS AND WE DID IT GIRL!!! :)

Loads of love and hugs to you all - I've missed you but work is just a rat bag at the moment and it will get worse - plus the girls are back from uni so my life is a bit upside down at the moment but I'm always thinking of you and hoping you are doing really well and are staying strong and positive - I will be back!!!

Chrissie xxxx :) :) :)

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Great to hear from you ChrissieG xxx


Thank you for the link. I will read it, as I am using Ecigs and have been worried as to if they are harmful or not. They certainly have helped me through the last 18months. I haven't touched a cigarette in that time, and have felt much better for it. It was very, very difficult giving up. The cravings were almost unbearable, but I persevered, and now I would never go back to smoking.

Well done, we should all feel proud of ourselves for achieving one of the most difficult things we have done in our lives, and No-one understands if they've never smoked, or been addicted.


I now...we did it :) I did private msg you that day.xxxx


Hi all,Well I've just been to the Doctors this morning and had my lungs tested again and my carbon monoxide level is still at zero.When I smoked the reading was at 14 and weeks into vaping they have dropped and stayed at zero. On Saturday I have been smoke free for 10 Months and I'm sooooooooo Happy with that.

I don't listen to other peoples opinions about vaping now and I have researched it as much as I can, I am happy with my choice and know I feel ,look and smell better.My Ventolin inhaler is hardly used now and I have cut down my 'Mucodine' capsules from 6 a day to 1 per day.

For those who disagree with vaping,please keep your comments to yourself as you are not being helpful with my efforts for trying to save my own life.

Thanks Ray.

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Hey Ray..... WHOODOUBLEFLIPPINHOOOO to you for 10 months, FANTASTIC achievement hun :D

Your right about people's opinions, its got to be what's right for you as an individual, not all the non smoking aides are right for everyone and we all have our own reasons why we use what we do or why we give up. It is a very personal journey,

Fantastic news about your inhaler and tabs..... that is just amazing :)

I'm really hoping that when I get re-tested, my cholesterol will have dropped due to my giving up, I would be delighted if that was the case :D

Keep up the good work hun your doing great :D


Well done for Saturday surrenderintown,

Know what you mean about some people's opinion's of vaping. I began my quit journey with vaping but due to pg allergy I had to stop. I tried to help a work colleague who said he wanted to quit, I thought I would be nice bring in all my stuff and give it to him. Honestly it was like I was handing him a box of sick the way he looked at it. He said that he couldn't possibly try this vaping thing as he didn't know what was in it and it might do him harm.He then turned around walked outside and promptly lit up :x

Everybody is different and each of us finds our own way to deal with our journey but as long as the end result is the same it doesn't matter how we get there.

Vape on Ray :D :D


Hey Shantimar, well maybe your colleague will see sense one day and give up, its quite ironic that he doesn't know everything that's in a ciggie.... !!! Mmmmm think I know what I would prefer :)


Hi droopy, have you noticed my new badge, whats happened and I do hope to get it one day. :)

Funnily enough my colleague had actually quit smoking before and stayed quit for 10 years, he's now been smoking again for 6. I know it strange to say I would rather smoke a cigarette which I know can cause me harm that try something that could help me stop. He even said that his doctor said to him either lose weight or quit smoking but don't try both at the same time. He chose to try to lose weight.???

I think that he will quit one day but I don't push him, just like my OH. He's always going to quit but just not got round to it yet. Just need to be there to support them when they do.

Been to the gym yet?? ;) :) :0 x


Love the badge..... how on earth did you get that... :D :D you must be about 3 months now which is just as awesome :D

Maybe its the new system ....!

I did lose weight (10lb) before I gave up but I didn't do it consciously as I didn't know at that point that I had a problem with my cholesterol..... I couldn't cope with both weight and non smoking hence why I have now put on 16lb (thank goodness I lost that bit before...)

I cant believe he gave up for 10 years.... although my dad gave up before for about 20 years... he's given up again for about 20 again but says he would never go back.. Your right there's no point in pushing.. its like telling a child not to do something...they always do the opposite :D Something will just click :)

Have I been to the gym, have I heck as like...... I've even gone back on the haribo's but don't tell H :O

Hope your sister is healthy and happy :) -x-


Just read this droopy & to be honest I would sell my hubby for a bag of Haribo at the minute but need to loose another 9lbs in the next 6 weeks. Yogurt it is then !!!!!!!! YUCK.

Have a couple of Haribo for me x

Hugs with envy

H x


Oh H, they lasted all of 10 minutes (as long as you don't count the one I was sitting on.... but hey it may have been a bit squashed but it still tasted gooooood )

But none today, Im gonna try and hold off til Tuesday :)

I like yogurt.... with a few haribo's thrown in :) you are doing sooo well on your diet, I am as pleased (and jealous) as punch for you :D



Glad you are ok Chrissie xx


Hey Lovely lady, where you been? I've missed you and our often strange and wacky conversations..... Monky just aint the same you know...!!!

Can you believe that we are both at 4 months now and winding are way up to 5 months.... that's just bonkers :D :D

Glad your ok (work aside) and still having the occasional glass of milk ;) :)

don't go away fro sooo long next time please :D


Aup Chrissie, its lovely to see you again and a superb post :) :) nice one gal :)

A massive well done to you for reaching 4 months quit :) I dooooooo hope work gets better for you, I really do :) :) Take care now :)

Pete :) xx


Hey Chrissie, I missed this one, great post and just lovely to hear from you :)

Hope you will be back soon coz we miss ya :) x


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