6 months smoke free today!

6 months smoke free today!

Sorry I've not been on for awhile but I do regularly read other peoples posts.

I'm pleased to say that I've been smoke free for 6 months today.

It was very difficult going cold turkey but I decided to do it the hard way and not rely on champax, patches or e cigs.

It's now got so much easier and I rarely think about having a ciggie these days although I still like the fresh smell of smoke, I hate the smell on people and their clothes, it's like a dirty house smell.

Thank you for all the support that you gave me in the beginning and for welcoming me to your forum, I am very grateful xx

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  • A big Well Done to you!

    Do you have any particular tips that made it easier for you? Anything we can learn from your success?

  • WOOT WOOT!!! CONGRATULATIONS :) An inspiration-6 Months!!! Way to be Strong and keep being Strong :)

  • Yaye! A huge well done to you! I have to say that you look absolutely stunning for it too!

    Keep on keeping on and please enjoy your new shiny badge ;-)

  • Thank you.... I don't really have any tips except to say perhaps to just distract yourself when you feel the urge to smoke and it'll soon pass. I can honestly say that I can go most of the time now without smoking entering my head. It rarely bothers me at all. I've even been on 2 holidays and managed it. I don't consider myself a very self disciplined person so if I can do it, honestly, anyone can. X

  • Congratulations naburn on 6 months quit and it's brilliant to hear that you seldom think about them now :) well done on such an achievement :) wow :) x

  • Wayyyyyyy flippin Hayyyyyyyy Naburn, 6 Months quit wooooooooo peeeeeee doooooo :) :)

    That is just ace news gal, it really is :) :) and may I hasten to add, your teeth are whiter :) your hair looks loads softer and blondererer :) your eyes are bright blue and sparkling again :) your skin looks soooooo soft now too gal :) you look gorgeous gal :) sniff sniff, plus you smell loads better toooo :) :) :D :D Hey, you cant put an old boy down for trying eh :o :D :D :D

    Naburn, you have finally reached that bright light at the end of the tunnel gal, you hold your head up high and feel PROUD of yourself and your achievements, cos I tell you, I am sooooo proud of you gal :) :)

    I just love it when we get a happy ending :) :) Pete :) x

  • Hey Naburn, I have to agree with Emjay and Monky, you look fantabulous :) A MASSOOSIVE WHOOOO HOOO to you, 6 months is one fantastic achievement, especially cold turkey, well done hun :)

  • Hi Drooooopydraws, how are you this fine evening :o

  • Im not too bad, had a v long and tiring day at work today and not long in :(

    But am now off and not back in til 14th July................... WHOO ICANTBELIEVEIT HOOOOOOOOOOOOOO :D

    How you diddling mister monky :D

  • Yeah, am ok tar, but giving the e-cig some flippin hammer tonight :o plus like you was flippin late finishing work :P :(

    Wayyyyy Hayyyyyy, so your off now then until I 'm off :) :) cos I'm off on the 14th july :o awwww, thats a shame gal, I could have come down to you and we could have gone for some bum wiggle dances eh ;) :D :D :D

  • Any plans for your holidays Droopy? Any plans for yours Monky? :) x

  • Yeahhh, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :D :D :D

  • Sounds good :) x

  • well funeral tomorrow... :O

    Monday its brunch followed by coffee and cake then tour de France mmmmm men in lycra ;)

    Tuesday having a new fence fitted as last one blew over followed by dentist.. :)

    Wed/thurs not quite sure yet but Friday meeting an old friend and her little boy :D :D :D

  • You're really getting lots done, good for you :) x

  • I'll probably need another holiday YEAH :D

  • Hey droopyj,

    What caused your dentist to blow over?

  • hehehehehehe that's the beauty of punctuation..... or lack of :D

  • Even though he's a shameless flirt, I have to concur with monky, you are looking fabulous. And what an achievement! 6 months is a significant milestone, particularly having gone cold turkey. Having tried them all, I'm not in favour of NRTs or the prescription medications (apart from the side effects, it seems like peeling off a bandaid one hair at a time.) It can come as a real shock to discover the battle is far from over when cutting off the medication or nrts.

  • Congratulations!! I've just got to that mark too!! I do miss the occassional one though, although I know if I have a puff of a cig, then all my hard work, pain, torture, tears, and tantrums were for nothing!! I too love the smell when someone has just lit up, but I also hate it when you can smell it on other people's clothes or breathe!! Again, well done on your achievement :-)

  • Well done to you Kirsty, fantastic achievement :D

  • Well done to you Naburn.

    I hate the smell I used to get on my clothes and the Fag burns on my Fleeces from the Rollups.Cost me more than my health with the ruined clothes.Not anymore.Yipee.

    Well done again.

  • Well done Naburn.

    I've just came back from my first smoke free holiday, and I was really apprehensive about it but surprisingly it was quite easy even though my OH still smokes. I think it was the smell of smoke and sweat that installed in me I was doing the right thing. Can't believe I smelled like that. :) I did think more about smoking but I think it was because I seen a lot of people sitting in the sun with a drink and a cig and I felt I was missing something. However it did annoy me when we had to plan trips around smoke breaks for my OH. A question to others, do you feel time goes slower now you've stopped smoking or is it we have more time to spare?? Just can't get my head round that :) :)

    Well done all of us xx

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