52 hours!!! Quitting cold turkey! Its been a rough road

Probably a good thing that this whole quitting thing is going as rough as it has been. Less chance of me relasping. Hardest part for me has been the anxity and the whole not sleeping through out the night. It seems like things are starting to get easier this afternoon. I realized now was the time I needed to make a change in my life especially when I look into the eyes of my beautiful 9 yr old little girl :) Going to make it!

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  • Wow wow wow 52 hours cold turkey, that's amazing, well done you :)

    Keep up the good work, that's brilliant and it will get easier so keep going and you should feel very proud of what you have achieved :) x

  • Hi Katielisci WHOOHOO to you 52 hours nic free that's fandabidosie :D You need to chat to Elenapoli who is about 16 hours ahead of you and is also going cold turkey :)

    Its a great night for newbies on here, its really great :D The sleeping will come in time and you will relax into it a bit more as the time goes on. What a great incentive your beautiful daughter is :D

    Keep positive, stay strong and we will all give you as much support as we can, your doing a great job :)

  • Thanks Briarwood... Reading through this message board has been fanastic. I have been trying to quit on my own without any support. Its been great reading all the support that everyone is offering!

  • that's the kinda support we offer around here.................................. as well as some stupid posts from time to time :D

    Just make sure you keep us posted :D

  • Thanks droopyJ :D I'll be sure to send a comment on over to Elenapoli! I am in smiles for all this support I have just recently found. I just keep thinking how much better I'll start feeling when I finally get some much needed rest... Night 1 and Night 2 didn't go over to well... Hoping Night 3 is better :)

  • Aup Kate, a big warm welcome to this lovely quit site :) :)

    A massive well done to you for getting to 52 hours smokefree and nicotine free tooooo :) :) I truly bow down to you for going cold turkey, cos I know that I could never do that :(

    I am sooooo glad that things are starting to get easier for you :) yeah, anxiety and not sleeping are pretty common with quitting smoking, I think most of us have been their :o

    Hey, Kate, you are going to make it, because you know what you want in life, and thats to be smoke free :) :) :)

    Hope to speak soon Kate :) Pete :)

  • Thanks Pete :D

  • Hi Katelisci, BIG CONGRATS to you! I am, in about 4 hours, at 72 hours, quitting cold turkey, as you! An hour ago I thought I was going insane if not for this site, and especially Monky, and DroopyJ, for not having a cig!

    Likewise, I have two beautiful kids, a boy 6 years, and a daughter 4 years, that motivated me to quit. Although, I have to be honest my motivation is my kids, and not my own motivation :(! Nevertheless, I keep going on, and I pray to stay strong.

    As for your lack of sleep, if I may I have a couple of suggestions: I bought yesterday, StressCare made by Himalaya. I took two pills around 12:00 Pm and made me very sleepy, and extremely calm. Took another two before bed, and slept like a baby. The reason I didn't take them today, midday, is because I have to take care of kids, and it does make me sleepy. It is an Indian Ayuverdic formula, no side effects, it might help you.

    Another thing is to buy a calming, stress relieved tea. There are some Calming, or Night teas organic that you can buy even at your local grocery store. Hope this helps! Good Luck!

  • See, you all have something to offer all of us...... thanks for this we all find this useful :D

  • Yeah your not wrong there droopy, be looking for a bit of that calming stuff myself :D x

  • Elenapoli!!! Thank you so much for the ideas on how to relieve my stress. You would have thought with this whole quitting smoking my brain also stopped functioning. I will definintely going to get some calming tea tonight.

    I have a daughter 9yrs of age. I understand where your motivation is coming from. I love the idea that with each coming day I can look at my daughter and know that quitting is definintely the right thing to do. Not only for her but for myself. That and a whole lot of praying :D

    Thanks again for the BIG HELP! With what will hopefully be a good nights rest tonight! and CONGRATULATIONS on your 72 mark! I am looking forward to when I can say 72 hours free :D

  • It is my pleasure Katelisci! I am confident that you CAN and WILL DO IT! Writing to you is as I write or talk to myself! WE BOTH CAN DO IT!

    If you can research on internet and get AMLA or AMLAKI powder. It is made from Indian gooseberry fruits, a powerful detoxifiant, and anti-oxidant. You can get it as a powder, don't buy the pills. Get it powder or in dehydrated form of the fruits. I am using it everyday, even when I was smoking. Very good for energy levels, skin complexion and it has high levels of vit C, 20 times more than an orange. Just research it, but it might help with the detox from cig.

  • G'donya Kate! Cold turkey is tough but you can put the nicotine addiction behind you in 2-3 weeks and then all you need to deal with is the psychological attachment.

  • A massive well done elanapoli and katollisci, I think I got your names right,,,, your both doing so well and nicotine free to....Amazing. Stay strong for this new fresh day, big breaths and stay strong :D :D

  • It's no good - I can't resist it:

    "Yeth and I'm only thixteen"

    Sorry - I'll get my coat. :-)

  • hehehehehehehehehehehe I had to look at the post twice though... well some of us do have to work for a living ;) :D

  • Night #3 was thankfully a little better than Night #1 and #2! Almost 72 hours now! I can't believe that I can almost say its been 3 whole days! Still strong but I definitely have weak moments. I am really shaky when I wake up in the morning and I swear I am starting to feel my lungs open up more which means the coughing... Not to mention that I can smell EVERYTHING!!! My house has never been cleaner... Especially the inside of my fridge and freezer. Seems like my OCD is getting a little worse... I had a schedule when it came to smoking... so I am just finding other things to fill that time with :) I have come to find out that little 8 to 10 minute exercise programs are actually working pretty well in filling up that space. Thank you everyone for your support :)

  • A big round of APPLAUSE to you Katelisci. Keep strong, and move forward. Likewise, I found that a bit of exercising helps quite a bit getting over some of the cravings, and the previous smoke routine. Also, I have found that chewing onto a cinnamon stick helps, too! Looks like a cig, and helps trick the brain into those long time smoke habits. Please keep us posted! Elena

  • I think I can help you with the cleaning - would you like to come round and clean my house for me? I wouldn't mind......

  • :) LOL! Thanks for the offer... I'll keep you posted :D

  • And me and me ....... pleaseeeeeeeeeee Ill even supply coffee and cake :D ;)

  • Well I really like the idea of coffee and cake :) I would clean for some coffee and cake :)

  • You clean for coffee and cake, sounds like a good deal to me, you're hired :D

  • Cleaning and Exercising have become my two closest friends right now... Add some coffee and cake and thats just a WILD Party right there :)

  • mmm still haven't had the cleaning/excerise symptom yet.... when do you reckon I will kick in???? :D

  • Never :P :P :D :D :D

  • Erm maybe when you on holiday next week :D

  • Actually Briar I love coffee and cake..... Ill do it :o mmmmmm lemon drizzle :D

  • Hey Kate, do you clean garages and sheds for coffee and cake tooooo :o :D :D

  • I will even put some freeeee music on toooooo :) :|

  • freeee music PLUS coffee and cake to clean out a garage and shed... hmmm... all depends on the type of music :)

  • Obviously it would be Madams choice of music, as long as I liked it :P :D :D

  • Hay, you aint seen my garage yet :o :D :D

  • Well I was gonna say you have yourself a deal... but then you just had to sneak in the whole... I haven't even seen your garage yet... which has me puzzled... hmmm... Just how disorganized can a garage really get??? ;)

  • MMMM well he is a bloke.... :D

  • Actually Kate, its a very tidy disorganized garage, but if I want anything, I can go in there and put my hand on it straight away, no messing :)

    I'm sorry, but my beds calling me so will have to go get some shut eye now, sooooo you keep strong and focused eh and hopefully speak to you tomorrow :)

    Nite nite to you and all them flippin others :P :D :D sweet dreaming calming huggs heading all your ways if you need em :) :) sleep well everybody :) :) xxxx

  • I love reading "very tidy disorganized garage" aren't they all??? :)

    Be sure to have a wonderful sweet evenings rest!

  • Well done. Keep focused and don't get tempted.

  • Hi ya Lowfield, am so sorry I missed you :( A massive warm welcome to this lovely quit support site :) :)

    Just wandering, have you quit yet or you just thinking about it at the moment :o Please dont be shy, come and get to know us, there a lovely bunch really, well apart from a couple of em maybe :D :D :D

    Please stay with us :) :) Pete :)

  • :D :P

  • ;)

  • Oi little Ern... watch it :D

  • Wellllllllllll, am flippin watchin, now what :o

    Any way, you would have to catch me first see and I tell you, my little legs cant half go fasttttttttttt :P :D :D

  • mmmm maybe I should call you barney.... he had real little legs and couldn't reach the pedals.... :P


  • Remember, you haven't lost a friend. You are actually, really getting rid of an enemy who was trying to kill you. Be strong!!

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